Saturday, 7 November 2015

A great way to start the day!

I had to delete my previous posts due to some tech glitches....but here I am updating my progress!

Okay, So I am on a program with Beachbody and right now I am doing the "CIZE" exercise program. I also take their recommended Shakeology protein shake. I have had tremendous success with their focus "T-25" program and lost nearly 15-18 lbs with them. I was looking for a new exercise routine so decided to go with the "Cize" program. It is SO much fun doing this in the comfort of my home. I used to have a gym membership but honestly, I was just throwing precious money down the drain. I would go and use the equipment but once the winter months set in, I really didn't have the energy or the motivation to go to the gym and work out. I looked for something I could do at home and I found this program which was perfect for me! I had seen the infomercials on TV all the time but doubted it all the way. I did my research and decided to dive in. I am so glad I did because within the first 2 weeks, I started to notice my waist size shrinking!!! I was on a roll! The shakeology worked for me as a meal replacement for breakfast and I saw so many benefits.
Now I am back on this track again to tone up my body and just to maintain my current weight. I can help you with this too....if anyone wants more information, please feel free to email me at

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