Sunday, December 22, 2013

I am still at it!

I am still doing the T-25 challenge! I haven't given up yet and I am seeing some wonderful changes inside and out! The biggest change is how I feel! I feel lighter, stronger and have such a positive outlook towards everything. Exercising works wonders! I just haven't updated much because I feel a bit uncomfortable posting my pictures online. I am still deciding whether I should. I am even thinking of creating a private group on Facebook to document my changes each week.
I will come back with a solution in the next couple days!

Be good to yourselves,

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week 2- T-25 Challenge!!

I made it to week 2!!!! I am quite proud of myself! This is how my routine goes lately:

Morning breakfast: I replaced my breakfast with the Shakeology Shake. I try and make it interesting by adding different fruits, almond milk, juices and Greek yogurt each time. So far adding bananas have made a BIG difference in masking the protein "flavor". It keeps me full until lunchtime and keeps me away from cookies and chips- a HUGE bonus!!

Lunch: I usually eat a salad or have some soup. This hasn't changed much. I try to add more beans and protein to the salad and limit the dressings to something remotely healthy- A Balsamic vinaigrette, Italian or even plain hot sauce livens it up!  :)

No more snacks in the afternoon before supper!!! Unless its been a day from hell....and I seem to have quite a few of them, I am usually satisfied with a cup of coffee.  :P

I also drink more water than before- very important!

Dinner is usually homemade. I make Indian food mostly for me and boys. I've cut down to eating only 2 chapatis and just a bit of rice. I focus on eating more vegetables, and having lentil dahl. This is an excellent source of protein!
I have lots of fresh veggies on the side as well such as cherry tomatoes, raw onions, cucumbers, carrots, beets and radishes. I even have Chaash- watered down yogurt with Cumin and ginger to help digest the food more effectively.

I workout in the late evenings, 2 hours AFTER supper so that my body doesn't go into shock mode! Around 30 minutes of the DVD is enough to get my heart rate up!! I enjoy the nightly workouts quite a bit. Its time to focus just on me....the kids are usually ready for bed, house is cleaned and then its just "ME" time. After an awesome workout, I usually take a nice long shower and head to bed, feeling GREAT!  :)
Before going to bed, I usually take a tbsp of Triphala powder with some warm water. Triphala is an excellent Ayurvedic herb to help detoxify the body. Please get a physician's recommendation before you start any new routine. :) Another update next week! If you have any questions, please get in touch: or through Facebook: Trupti Tswlm
Be good to yourselves,

Friday, November 08, 2013

Week 1: T-25 challenge

Day 2 done!!! I had my morning shake for breakfast, I added bananas and orange juice today. That was a much better combination and it masked the protein flavor a lot! 
I had steamed buns for lunch just by themselves and leftover paneer curry for dinner.  I didn't have any rice or bread with the curry. I worked out per the dvd for 25 mins and let me tell you- its quite the workout!  I have built my endurance lately by going to the gym but this was great. I can still feel the burn from the squats and the lunges!  It feels great though.
All in all...a good second day! Talk to you tmrw!
Be good to yourselves,


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black cumin seeds = royal cumin seeds = kala jeera = shahi jeera = saah jeera Pronunciation: KUH-min Notes: Indian cooks use this spice in many of their curries and tandoori dishes. It's darker and sweeter than ordinary cumin. To bring out its nutty flavor, it helps to toast the seeds briefly before using them. Substitutes: cumin (Not as sweet as black cumin.) OR nigella