Sunday, 29 October 2006

The Secret To A Great Cup Of Tea........

The secret to a great cup of tea!

There's nothing like having a hot cup of Masala tea while the temperatures drop outside....or when it snows, or even when the wind howls...a steaming cup of tea is enough to chase the chills away! I have been having an extra cup of tea everyday, ever since the advent of the Winter season here in Newfoundland., and it's been helping me stay warm. Though I prefer coffee while outside of the home, Masala tea is what I prefer in the comfort of my own home with home made savouries such as Namkeen puri and Chakris, Ganthiya, Khakra...and the like!!

My dad once shared a secret with me to make the best tasting Chai ever and I'd like to share it with you. I remember my dad making the late afternoon tea for everyone in the house- everyday. The taste of his tea was absolute bliss! That was his specialty. He still does it- bless his heart!
One day, I was so curious about what he put in, I just had to ask him...and he told me. He carefully took out a package of "Milkmaid's Kulfi Mix"!!!!!! A tablespoon of that he said made all the difference! Boy, was I surprised at his creativity! The rest of the ingredients were the basic, shredded gingerroot,cardamom powder and a pinch of Chai Masala. Here is the recipe:

For 2 cups of Masala Chai:

1 cup water
1 cup milk
pinch of cardamom powder, shredded ginger root,1 tbsp Kulfi powder
Pinch of Chai masala, Sugar to taste
Tea leaves

Bring 1 cup water along with the shredded gingerroot,and cardamom powder, chai masala powder and sugar to a rolling boil. Add the milk and stir in the Kulfi powder. Add the tea leaves now and let it come to a boil again. Keep stirring until the desired strength is reached. Strain and serve!

There you go, Dad's secret to bliss in a cup!

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