Friday, 12 January 2007

Of Snowy days...and lazy nights!

Every now and again, K surprises me with an offer to make dinner....and I gladly accept. This time, he made Chinese Style noodles after I had expressed a craving for them. The last time I had made these, I wasn't too happy with the I just let K take over. This recipe was inspired by Nabeela of Trial and Error.

These were great..much better than last time's fiasco....with just the right amount of spices and textures. It was one of those lazy nights when you just crave something spicy to "refresh" the palate from the usual flavors. This really hit the spot....! Husbands!.....they really do surprise with their creativity and enthusiasm sometimes!

Do visit Nabeela's site and try won't be disappointed.

This is also my first entry to Rooma's monthly Blog patrolling event!
Check this great idea out, it is a wonderful way to try out the flavors of the world and who knows, maybe even find a new favorite. So, browse around for a new recipe to try....and get cooking!

Another thing I would like to share with you all....and especially for Rooma, are some pictures of Snow around my neighborhood. I apologize for the pictures not being clear, all Camera's fault!

View from the Living Room Window:

View from the Back porch.......On a Sunny day, I am lucky enough to see the Ocean's rim...and the hamlets seen here are also much clearer and prettier!

More pictures another day......when the Camera decides to behave!

Music of the Moment: "Jaisalmer"- album: The Confluence


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