Friday, 12 January 2007

Of Snowy days...and lazy nights!

Every now and again, K surprises me with an offer to make dinner....and I gladly accept. This time, he made Chinese Style noodles after I had expressed a craving for them. The last time I had made these, I wasn't too happy with the I just let K take over. This recipe was inspired by Nabeela of Trial and Error.

These were great..much better than last time's fiasco....with just the right amount of spices and textures. It was one of those lazy nights when you just crave something spicy to "refresh" the palate from the usual flavors. This really hit the spot....! Husbands!.....they really do surprise with their creativity and enthusiasm sometimes!

Do visit Nabeela's site and try won't be disappointed.

This is also my first entry to Rooma's monthly Blog patrolling event!
Check this great idea out, it is a wonderful way to try out the flavors of the world and who knows, maybe even find a new favorite. So, browse around for a new recipe to try....and get cooking!

Another thing I would like to share with you all....and especially for Rooma, are some pictures of Snow around my neighborhood. I apologize for the pictures not being clear, all Camera's fault!

View from the Living Room Window:

View from the Back porch.......On a Sunny day, I am lucky enough to see the Ocean's rim...and the hamlets seen here are also much clearer and prettier!

More pictures another day......when the Camera decides to behave!

Music of the Moment: "Jaisalmer"- album: The Confluence


Sandeepa said...

So you had a good amount of snow. Loved your neighbourhood and you seem to have a very good view from the Back Porch. Are you at a height ? Would love to see that same pic on a clear day

The noodles looked great. thanks to K :)

Lera said...

Noodles are very appetizing! pictures too are lovely.did I say, your Blog layout too is great with lot's of Interesting addons...Visiting your Blog is a pleasure:)

TRS said...

HI Sandeepa: yes, we got a qute bit of's all good though! Looks so pretty...and yes, we're on a hill so we have a great view! Will certainly take other pictures!

Hi Lera: Thanks so much for your compliments..very nice of you!

Manasi said...

Hi, Nice dish! noodles look yummy! Good for K!!
And snow! WOW! we don't get any here... infact in the afternoons it feels like summer! Gosh I envy u! Gr8 snaps and lovely view! Thanx!

Asha said...

Wonderful recipe and entry! I loved the pics.It's almost like Ashville here without the ocean ofcourse.You are lucky.We don't have snow here yet,but we will see!
Compliments to the Chef!!:)))

Rashmi said...


Have added you to my blogroll.

Nidhi said...

WOW! So much must be freezing :) and what a nice view...Oh! I love that.

Noodles look fantastic.


swapna said...

hai trupti
wonderful pictures of snow.. i am waiting for snow..:-(
noodles are looking yummy yummy,,,,mmm....can i have one fork?:-))

Lakshmik said...

Hi Trupti

Nice post. Looks so similar like veggie chow mein I posted a while ago. Cheers!

Coffee said...

No words to say!!!!!! I am just dumbstruck!!!!! Be it your husbands culinary expertise or the view from your house!!!!!
You lucky girl!!!!!!! :D :D

NZ said...

Lovely post Trupti :-) Noodles look yummmmmm....Its summer here at the moment but even in winter we don't get any snow in Auckland. But only three hours drive down south in winter, we get to see lots of snow - so sort of get best of both worlds :-)

Anonymous said...

Truptiben great stuff, hey put your feet up and let bhai do some cooking...~grin~...always lovely when one is pampered...pass on my regards to bhai...take care

ServesYouRight said...

Yum! Great food and nice music! Can't lose with Rahul Sharma :-)

USHA said...

Hi Trupti,

Hmmmm...So your hubby is a good cook....appearance,colour,texture is perfect..
I liked the snow snaps,we got just for 5minutes lastweek oneday,waiting to watch .....

Sushma said...

Noodles look fantastic and so does the pictures

Sri said...

You have such breath taking view...Enjoying your handavo with such a lovely view and Shivkumar/Rahul Sharma playing Santoor in the backdrop... will be like heavenly bliss. Oh gosh gotta to visit you someday. Its really beautiful Trupti. Not forgetting your noodles, they look great.
Thanks for inquiring...will be posting soon got little busy.. :)

indosungod said...

WOW you live in a beautiful place.
We probably won't have snow this winter (I hope) but a little part of me misses it a little bit too. The Chinese Style noodles are looking good. K seems like a good and nice of him to offer.

indosungod said...

I meant K seems like a good cook.

Seema said...

Trupti, Loved the noodles. My mouth is already watering. I just showed this to my hubby giving him some hint too ;-).You have a brautiful view from your house as well. Enjoy your cold days buddy.

vasilisa said...

You guys are actually having snow up there? It's been rain, rain and more rain here in Toronto... Which is weird, cause we usually get more snow than you (You're in BC, right? I don't know why I think that... Maybe I'm wrong...).

And the noodles look fantastic. I was in a similar noodly mood yesterday, but it turned into a lazy spaghetti effort.

Foodie said...

Hey Trupti,

Did you use the egg noodles for the chinese noodles recipe as Nabeela's recipe says egg noodles.
What kind of noodles did you use?
Please let me know.
And I have also posted an interesting recipe for Plantains at my blog "zaayka". I am sure you gonna love that recipe. It is for plantain tikkis.
Yeah the noodles are absolute delight.

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