Friday, 16 February 2007

Weekend Lunch Series - Bisquick Poodas

Looking for something quick to make for lunch on a weekend? Try these poodas made from Bisquick- the handy flour mix that is used to make sweet pancakes for breakfast. Just add a few ingredients and turn it into a quick meal!


1.5 cups Bisquick Flour or any plain Pancake Mix,
1 tbsp Besan Flour,
1 tbsp Semolina,
1 medium Onion- Chopped,
1 Jalapeno- chopped,
Handful - Chopped Cilantro,
1 tomato - chopped,
salt, turmeric powder,chili powder, garam masala,- to your taste, 1 tsp Lemon Juice, enough water to make a batter, oil or cooking spray.

Mix all the ingredients together to form a batter that is easy to work with. It shouldn't be too thick or too thin.
Heat a pan, grease the pan with some oil or cooking spray. Pour out a ladle of this batter into the pan. Flip over when you see some bubbles on the top. Cook until nicely browned and crispy.

Serve hot with some Green Cilantro Chutney, tomato Ketchup, and of course, hot tea or coffee.

This is the first recipe of the Weekend Lunch Series that I am starting. I'll try to post a recipe each Friday in this series.....I know how hard it is to come up with lunch ideas on weekends, when we are feeling, well, not very energetic,and there is so much to do. This holds true for me, at least. Weekends are the busiest time for me with hockey practice, taekwondo and soccer for the kids, and cleaning, laundry and shopping for me. I do like to make lunch for the whole family though, and I am trying to come up with new ideas that are not only quick, but tasty too. Hence, this series. Any suggestions, ideas are welcome.

Have a great Weekend.

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