Friday, 16 February 2007

Weekend Lunch Series - Bisquick Poodas

Looking for something quick to make for lunch on a weekend? Try these poodas made from Bisquick- the handy flour mix that is used to make sweet pancakes for breakfast. Just add a few ingredients and turn it into a quick meal!


1.5 cups Bisquick Flour or any plain Pancake Mix,
1 tbsp Besan Flour,
1 tbsp Semolina,
1 medium Onion- Chopped,
1 Jalapeno- chopped,
Handful - Chopped Cilantro,
1 tomato - chopped,
salt, turmeric powder,chili powder, garam masala,- to your taste, 1 tsp Lemon Juice, enough water to make a batter, oil or cooking spray.

Mix all the ingredients together to form a batter that is easy to work with. It shouldn't be too thick or too thin.
Heat a pan, grease the pan with some oil or cooking spray. Pour out a ladle of this batter into the pan. Flip over when you see some bubbles on the top. Cook until nicely browned and crispy.

Serve hot with some Green Cilantro Chutney, tomato Ketchup, and of course, hot tea or coffee.

This is the first recipe of the Weekend Lunch Series that I am starting. I'll try to post a recipe each Friday in this series.....I know how hard it is to come up with lunch ideas on weekends, when we are feeling, well, not very energetic,and there is so much to do. This holds true for me, at least. Weekends are the busiest time for me with hockey practice, taekwondo and soccer for the kids, and cleaning, laundry and shopping for me. I do like to make lunch for the whole family though, and I am trying to come up with new ideas that are not only quick, but tasty too. Hence, this series. Any suggestions, ideas are welcome.

Have a great Weekend.

Upcoming Post Preview: "Achari Bhindi Sabzi" - Okra with Pickle Masala.


swapna said...

hi trupti
it was nice indeed very interesting..!!!
the music is pleasant:-).

Seema said...

wow Trupti,
These kinda quick and easy recipes will always come in handy.
Thanx and just voted for you.

Jaya said...

Dear Trupti,
looks so nice and simple ,lovely idea for breakfast ..
hugs and smiles

Asha said...

Great lunch for me! Bisquick does make anything crispy and yummy.I like it too,little like Uttappa.Unfortunately,none in my family like any dosas and Idlis except me!I make them sometimes anyway,so they don't have any choice but eat!:)

I like this series and looking forward to more.I can make just one portion and eat it myself happily!;D

Sushma said...

I loved the idea of quick and easy recipes for weekened.

Looks delicious

Sandeepa said...

Is this like "Chilla", i don't know whether I got it right, it's made with besan

archana said...

Hi Trupti, just voted for you in the indibloggies. Hope you win:)Wish you best of luck!!:)
Liked your idea of quick recipes.I love such dishes:). But sadly we don't get these pancake mixes here in India:( We get instant dosa mixes but!!:)

TS said...

Hi Swapna: thanks!

Hi Seema: thanks so much for your support! Yes, these recipes are indeed handy!

Hi Jaya: nice of you to drop by....

Ashaji: yes, you can make it for yourself and enjoy it! I agree, Bisquick makes everything crispy!

Hi Sushma: thanks!!

Hi Sandeepa: yes, I think it is similar to that "Chilla" recipe! this is just something try it!

Hi Archana: thanks so much!!! your support means a lot. Yes, I figured it would be hard to get this mix in India...I'd say mix a bit of maida and besan and try it that add some baking powder or soda though.


This dish is alian to me

Manasi said...

Cool!! Jhatpat and tasty! Will try this over this long wkend!
thanx dear!!

Manasi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TS said...

Harekrishanaji: come on over and i'll let you try it out!

Manasi: enjoy! have a great weekend.

Lakshmik said...

Hi Trupti

Yes, so very true. So, tough to come up with weekend lunch ideas. Probably we just feel too lazy to cook an elaborate lunch. Thanks for the recipe.

indosungod said...

I like the idea of spicy pancake with ketchup as opposed to the regular one with maple syrup.

Manasi said...

Hi... I tried these last evening, for a snack, but they were really yummy, so M was eager to have them for dinner too! talk about a r-e-l-a-x-e-d evening!! thanx :))

USHA said...

Hi Trupti,

This is really interesting receipe from you...Let me sure try this...
We use to have often dosai and idly, so this would be different from our ususal tiffin item..

Vini K said...

Great idea using bisquick mix.Now if only I could get that here in London!let me see if I can make a simple pancake mix at home and then add the other ingredients as in your recipe.

Vani said...

I use the pancake mix for everything but the regular pancake! Love your puda. I make savory pancakes from time to time using the mix. Must post it next time. Loved your guvar til recipe too. Will try it for sure. I love the taste of til in curries! I KNOW I'll love your recipe! :)

nz said...

Now thats my kinda recipe - ready in a jiffy :-)

cheezespread said...

Din Read it !..just had to comment !..Rem me ??. Di ???

ServesYouRight said...


ooh - great idea! Plus loved the music!

Congratulations on the award nomination - must say it is well-deserved :-)


Sri said...

Love the idea for quick and easy recipes...bisquick looks yummy.

burekaboy — said...

trupti those look great. haven't seen bisquick in many, many years. lol, or even thought of it!

Anonymous said...

I got to your blog thru Kanchana's blog. Gota Bajia looks lovely and am going to try it. Background music is good. May I suggest you put your own vocal music/instrumental music to make it more personal.

Keep up the good work!

A blogger's dad

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