Sunday, 25 March 2007

Gujarati Series: Phulewar-Vatana Shaak

Phulewar-Vatana.....or Cauliflower and peas...the ultimate combo to be served with phulkas. I love this simple curry. It's simple because there aren't many ingredients.

Cauliflower and peas are sauteed in Mustard seeds, turmeric, ginger, salt and a pinch of tomatoes, no garam masalas, no chili powder...just plain goodness of cauliflower and peas, to be relished with a cup of home made yogurt and phulkas. One of my blog readers asked me for this recipe, and here it is. You will need:

  • 1 large Cauliflower- wash and drain, cut into florets and set aside.
  • 1 cup Green Peas - washed
  • 1 tbsp -Olive Oil or any oil you use
  • 1 tsp- Mustard Seeds
  • 1 tsp- Turmeric,
  • 1 small piece of ginger, 1 small jalapeño- chopped
  • Salt, Sugar - to taste
Wash the Cauliflower,drain and cut into florets. In a wide pan, heat some oil. Add the Mustard seeds and turmeric. When the mustard seeds start to pop, add the ginger and jalapeño. Now add the Cauliflower and peas. Stir for a few minutes until the peas turn bright green. Add the salt and sugar, cook until done. That's it. Serve hot.

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Confused about the "Infused Dhokla"???
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Sandeepa said...

We make a Cauliflower dish exactly same, only Kalinji or Nigella seeds instead of Mustard.
Simple but very tasty

Anonymous said...

Excellent dish. I have loved all your Gujarati dishes and look forward to many more. BTW, which is the Rahul Sharma album playing on your website today - the number playing was "January". Excellent music...

Priya Dilip said...

I love gujarati food adn good to see you going with gujarati series!!! will try them all soon and let your , dear..


Vcuisine said...

A quick dish trupti as you said good combo. Viji

Sushma said...

never made cauliflower without chilli powder or garam masala...have to try a simple soothing version


Meeta said...

Like Sushma mentioned, I know the version with chili powder and garam masala. This really sounds simple and fast. Thanks for showing me this easy way Trupti!

trupti said...

Sandeepa: Nigella seeds is an interesting addition...

Anon: Thank you! The album is "white".

Priya: thanks...! I think you will like them.

Viji: thanks my dear....

Sushma: yes, this is so simple...that's why I love it..I think garam masalas overpower the already string flavor of the cauliflower.

Meeta: thanks! Hope you'll try it!

Sia's corner said...

its like what we call palya. no spices are there, just the wholesome taste of vegetables.
i have collected some 6 albums of rahul sharma. so day in, day out its his music on my laptop and krish's grumbling;)

Asha said...

Great looking dish T!Light spices and gorgeous looking.Thanks girl.

I am not into music much,I am voracious reader!

Mishmash ! said...

Trupti, This is the simplest cauliflower-peas dish I have ever come across and am sure this goes great with hot chappathis.I am used to adding all the masala to cauliflower-peas recipes and hence a big thanks and hugs :)


Sharmi said...

hey Trupti,
Simple and nice recipe. I too make it this way but without adding sugar. I have heard this music of Rahul too.


musical said...

Simple things sometimes end up being way more delightful, hai na :).

and with dahi, phulewar-vatana nu shak tastes divine!

Sandeepa, a Bengali friend of mine made something similar but she used panch-poran. either ways, this is simple goodness :).

Sharmi said...

hey Trupti, you has so many things at Temple? Must have been a treat.

ya its getting warmer in NJ dear. we started planning short trips now.


nz said...

wow, thats simple and I am sure my kids are going to love it as they love anything which isnt spicy :-)

Will try it and let you know :-)

Lotus Reads said...

What can I say Trupti, but YUM! I have all the ingredients, now to just make it for lunch tomorrow! Thank you!

Swapna said...

Eggsactly my kind of sabzi..I love cauliflower in any form..I too tend to use the long stems..they have a taste of their own



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