Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Recent Blog Finds:

Some New and Interesting Food Blogs I have come across recently.

1. MishMash! :
A very talented painter as well a cook! Check out her Plexi-glass paintings.

2. Kanchana
she is beautiful, and a good cook...oh, and her hubby cooks too!

3. Sharmi
A fairly new blogger, she listens to the Santoor ( I like her already just cos of that fact!) Check out her Sandesh recipe.

For all Bollywood Lovers......these are a treat!

1. Desi Music Forever - listen to some great tunes while browsing the net and read up on your favorites of the yester years.

2. Beth Loves Bollywood - Read what a non-desi thinks of Bollywood....oh, and she loves Akshaye Khanna....!

3. Ugly, Ugly, Bollywood Fugly: Ever see a movie and think, gawd, what are they wearing? Check this site out for all the bollywood fashion faux pas'.

4. BollyCats: Do you ever notice HUGE similarities between your local bolly flick and that hollywood movie you rented last week?? Check out who's copying who.....!

5. Army Of Monkeys: this is one site which you MUST check out. It gives frame by frame detail of hindi movies,along with some pretty funny commentary and he's NOT desi...pretty impressive, I say.



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