Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Recent Blog Finds:

Some New and Interesting Food Blogs I have come across recently.

1. MishMash! :
A very talented painter as well a cook! Check out her Plexi-glass paintings.

2. Kanchana
she is beautiful, and a good cook...oh, and her hubby cooks too!

3. Sharmi
A fairly new blogger, she listens to the Santoor ( I like her already just cos of that fact!) Check out her Sandesh recipe.

For all Bollywood Lovers......these are a treat!

1. Desi Music Forever - listen to some great tunes while browsing the net and read up on your favorites of the yester years.

2. Beth Loves Bollywood - Read what a non-desi thinks of Bollywood....oh, and she loves Akshaye Khanna....!

3. Ugly, Ugly, Bollywood Fugly: Ever see a movie and think, gawd, what are they wearing? Check this site out for all the bollywood fashion faux pas'.

4. BollyCats: Do you ever notice HUGE similarities between your local bolly flick and that hollywood movie you rented last week?? Check out who's copying who.....!

5. Army Of Monkeys: this is one site which you MUST check out. It gives frame by frame detail of hindi movies,along with some pretty funny commentary and he's NOT desi...pretty impressive, I say.



Mishmash ! said...

Oh Trupti , u re so sweet! I was here as part of my regular blog hopping checking in to see whats new on ur gujarati series and I was quite surprised to see my title there!! Salute you for the way you support the newbies like us. THANK YOU:)


Asha said...

Thanks T!! That was good of you to let us know!:))

swapna said...

hi trupti
nice write up about new friends.
by the way Rahul Sharma is looking very handsome..:-D

Sharmi said...

hi Trupti,
Again I am here to bother you with my comments.Really nice of you, mishmash is very true,Thank you for supporting the newbies.


bee (jugalbandi.info) said...
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bee (jugalbandi.info) said...
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marriedtoadesi.com said...

Thanks for mentioning me Trupti!
And for the compliments...I'm blushing.


Shilpa said...

Hey Trupti, haven't been commenting here in a while, sorry! Haha, you have no idea what a laugh I'm having with the Bollywood Fugly site! Made me think of the backup dancers when I attended Sonu Nigam's concert in Paris in October. Such hideous costumes!

You probably know these sites already, but I feel it my duty to share them anyway:


Beth said...

Thanks for the link Trupti! I am just testing the waters at trying some Indian recipes, and I know your site will come in handy. I'm an awful cook, though, so it's slow going.

And Shilpa, I'm glad you enjoy Bollywood Fugly. Don't hesitate to send us submissions!


PolkaStripes-ZebraDots said...

hi - great suggestions!

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