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Healing Foods - Moong daal With Spinach

I have been on many crash diets in my day....and not one of them have worked..mainly because of my high expectations to lose weight in a really short period of time.Not very smart. This is what I have learned:


So, what DOES work? for me, success has been adapting an Ayurvedic routine. I decided to really make a 'lifestyle' change many months ago and it has worked for me. Another important thing, get rid of 'toxic' people around you, these are 'people' who value your weight more than they value you. I have done exactly that.

I won't go into complete detail in this post, but for those who are interested, please check out the Ayurvedic links in the sidebar, you'll find a wealth of information there. A separate post on this topic coming soon.

Here is one such recipe that really calms the system, is low fat, and totally healthy for all.

ng Daal with Spinach' Curry:

Tip: Use a pressure cooker for quick and best results.

1.5 cups yellow moong daal- rinsed well, and soaked for at least half an hour.
1 bunch baby spinach - chopped
1 tbsp or less - Olive or Canola Oil
2-3 cloves Garlic -minced
1/4 tsp - turmeric
1/4 tsp - Asafoetida
1 tsp - chili powder
1 tsp - garam masala (optional)
1/4 tsp- cumin seeds
Salt - to taste

Rinse the Moong daal well and let it soak for about half an hour. Chop the baby spinach and set aside.

In the pressure pan, heat the oil. Add the cumin seeds and the asafoetida. Now add the garlic and stir well. Add the spinach and cook until wilted. Drain the daal and add it to the pan. Keep stirring and add the rest of the seasonings. Add enough water to cook the daal, if you like it soft and mushy like I do, add 1.5 cups of water, just be sure to adjust the seasonings.
Let it cook until the regulator whistles twice.
Serve hot with some Jowar rotis and some buttermilk for a complete meal.

Update: Down to 130lbs as of September 30th, 2008!


Asha said...

Healing or not,Moonga dal and Palak is welcome any day.Looks great!:)

ServesYouRight said...

Dear Trupti,

Many thanks for sharing. This is often an issue that most of us would rather not talk about - kudos for addressing it as well as you did. Looking forward to the sister blog. As always, your dish is amazing.


zlamushka said...

Trupti, This is a great healthy dish. Carsh diets dont work, that is very true, changing your life style does, that is very true too.
Keep on posting these nutritious bowls :-)

Mona said...

Yummy comfort food, moong dal with spinach cannot go wrong. Thnx for sharing the recipe!

Kalai said...

I make a similar dish. Love the 2 star ingredients here! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Trupti, I am definitely trying out this recipe this weekend. It looks yummy and healthy! :-)

I was intrigued by what you had to say about ayurveda and weightloss. I am desperately trying to do something about my weight and adopt a generally more healthy lifestyle for quite a while now. Yes, I would be very interested in the resources you've mentioned. Will eagerly wait for more details.

Meanwhile, let me try out this recipe and tell you how it goes!

musical said...

Daal and palak combo is always one of the tastiest! He he, and i have never been into diets :-D.

Sandeepa said...

Dear Trupti
can the other site be made public ? It seems to be very helpful, would really look forward to it.

Srivalli said...

Trupti! good to see you back!...thank you for making this blog public...missed you around...hope you will continue!..and we missed having you for the rci : gujju!...:(...thanks for dropping by and letting me know you are back!..:)

Madhavi said...

Awesome combo..very healthy and tasty, looks goooooood!!!

Jaya said...

its good to see u around ..
and the recipe is very good or should we say Satvik Khana ..
looking forward for more recipes
hugs and smiles

TBC said...

Looks good. Sounds a lot similar to something I make.

Anonymous said...

I tried the moong dal with spinach last night, Trupti - we both loved it! Thanks for the lovely (and simple) recipe.

Medhaa said...

Looks Yumm, What you say is so true crash diest do not work at all. But exercising regularly and eating right and has helped me a lot. This is one great recipe. Thanks for sharing

bee said...

great to see your site again, dear trupti. have a safe and easy move.

Devi Priya said...

Moong daal with spinach is really tastes good with less spice and can be made as soup to go with some salad and that will really help loose weight :-) Saatvik food is always good for health.


Anonymous said...

Great site!! Love it!! I am also excited about this recipe. I know that according to ayurveda, moong daal is surposedly one of the best things to eat, and what better than finding another new way to do this :).

Will be back again....

Hetal said...

hey nice blog and thanx for ur comment!

Sia said...

T, so glad to see u resume blogging girl:)

Sia said...

and glad to know u found new house of ur choice. will mail u shortly. just bk from trip to india. will forward the pics too...

Priyanka said...

I totally mom being an ayurvedic doctor always stresses on lifestyle changes rather than crash diets. I usually make moong dal- palak with more spinach and less moong dal and add a little gujarati dal-shaak no masalo to it.

Cynthia said...

This recipe right here is one of the reasons I missed this blog!

Pearlsofeast said...

Sounds great and wonderful combination.Love any version of spinach

Anonymous said...

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n33ma said...

I love moong dal and spinach together..looks good too.

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