Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Rustic Gujarati Series: Bharelu Ringan Shaak- Stuffed Chinese Eggplants

Doesn't that look great??

I was lucky enough to get some fresh Chinese eggplants at the grocery store the other day,and I thought about making this delicious, stuffed recipe with them.

I used to hate eggplants at one point in time, but I can't imagine why I ever did. Now, I enjoy making mostly anything with the eggplants, and these Chinese long eggplants happen to be my favorite!

Here is the very easy, rustic Gujarati recipe that can be enjoyed at any meal.

You can use eggplants by themselves here, or use a combination of baby potatoes, pearl onions, carrots and the like.

Note: Please use this recipe as a guideline only, adjust quantities to your taste.


5-6 Eggplants - washed and slit ( See picture)

1/2 cup - Besan flour
1 tbsp- Sesame Seeds
1 heaping tbsp or more - ginger, chilies, garlic paste
1 tsp- Aamchur powder or lemon Juice
Salt, Sugar, Turmeric, Chili powder - to taste
1 tbsp- Dhania-jeeru powder
1 tbsp- Garam Masala

To temper:
1 tbsp - Oil
Mustard Seeds, Asafoetida, Dried Chilies, Curry leaves and a few Garlic pods- sliced

Wash and cut the eggplants into large pieces. Make a Slit down the middle leaving some room at the end.

Mix all the ingredients listed in the filling together. Stuff each eggplant with this mixture and set aside.

In a wide pan, heat some oil. Wait till it gets quite hot and add the mustard seeds, chilies, curry leaves and the garlic. Add the asafoetida after the garlic sizzles.

Place each eggplant in the pan and gently stir. Sprinkle around 2 tbsp of water on top and cover. Cook on medium heat until done, around 15-20 minutes. Do stir in between to make sure all the sides get cooked evenly. Garnish with chopped Cilantro leaves and serve hot.

Serving Suggestions: Bajri Rotlo, Chaas, a spicy garlic pickle and of course, some papad.

An authentic Gujarati Village meal at its best....enjoy!

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