Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Weekend Eats- Spicy Poori Chaat

I *love* chaat! It is such a perfect thing to eat when you're craving something tangy, sour, hot and sweet at the same time! This is especially for those days and weekends. One great thing about this, besides its fabulous flavor of course, is that you can add just about anything to give it a personal touch. It can range anywhere from boiled potatoes, chickpeas, crushed tortilla chips, hot sauces, onions, peppers....etc etc! So, go ahead and make it the way YOU want. Here's how I made this favorite:

For the Pooris:

You can make your own crispy pooris. This recipe here is a nice one which I used to make "dahi sev pooris". I had made a smaller version then, this time, the pooris are HUGE. Make it to whatever size you like, or if you're in a rush, get the ready-made ones from an Indian grocery store.

For the Fillings:
Get creative! Use what you have,

Boiled potatoes, cooked chickpeas, sprouted moong, poha, crushed tortilla chips, sev, mamra (puffed rice), other beans, spicy cereal mix etc etc!

Chutneys: Green Chutney, Tamarind or Apple Butter Chutneys, Whisked plain yogurt spiced with some roasted Jeera powder and some salt, I also like the hot Sriracha Sauce drizzled on top!

Toppings: Chopped Onions, Cilantro, tomatoes, green onions, fine sev, Chaat Masala, red chili powder...

Make a well in the pooris, add your choice of topping that has been mixed with some chaat masala and fill each poori. Drizzle each of the chutneys on top and add the chopped onions and cilantro...and enjoy each tangy, spicy bite!

Serve right away with other savories...I had some spicy Mirchi Bhajiyas to go along with it.


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