Thursday, 11 February 2010

Headache and Food Diary - Yogurt vs Migraines- a connection?

So many wonderful readers have given me tips lately on controlling these headaches of mine, I'd like to tell you that I really appreciate it!
One reader asked me to look into yogurt- something that I have almost every morning, to see if it triggered any headaches later in the day, and sure enough, the day that I did have some yogurt, I DID get the pain!

I am going to turn this into a personal study and chart the results for 2 weeks just to make sure.

This is what I had yesterday:

Breakfast: Masala Chai at 600am

Mid morning snack- Fruit Yogurt with Flax Seeds and Strawberries and herbal tea with the daily vitamin supplements.
Lunch: Greek Salad Pita with other toppings 
Afternoon tea: Tetley Tea and a couple of chakris

Dinner: Indian fare: Yogurt rice and a tiny bit of mango pickle...
( no headache after the yogurt rice, though- weird)

I felt the head pain later in the afternoon, around 230-300pm.....and I was tempted to have coffee from the Tim Horton's chain, but resisted and had homemade tea instead along with some chakris. Yay!

That helped some...but the pain lingered a bit and I finally massaged some GHEE around the temples to cool off whatever was happening in the head! it worked!

I headed off to bed at 1015 after my favorite show " The New Adventures of old Christine" I *love* that show!

 So, over all, an OK day...I hate it when these headaches pop out of no where. I'll be back with an update later! till then, take care!

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