Sunday, 21 May 2017

Back to blogging.....I think.

Wonder if there are any of my readers left! I thought to come back to this and update at least something atleast! Things have been busy for but good. I have learnt a lot lately about my health as I approach the big 40. The biggest hurdle has been maintaining my weight and I am doing a pretty good job of it. I would say in the last 7 years, I have lost around 25-30 lbs in total. I really do feel a lot better about myself! My self esteem has soared since the weightloss and having more energy is always a lovely bonus. I still would like to lose the last 7-10 lbs though. I aim to lose that in the upcoming warmer months. Summer is a term I use loosely for Newfoundland ;) I hope to keep this blog updated so if anyone else wants to follow my diet plan, you are welcome to follow along!
I have my comments set to unpublish but you are still welcome to post privately if you like!


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