Saturday, 11 November 2006

Broccoli-Methi Curry ( Broccoli-Fenugreek)

Broccoli - the mere name of this vegetable is enough to scrunch up people's noses in disgust! I used to feel the same way! That is, until I tried this version of Broccoli sauteed with Methi (fenugreek) seeds and garlic. My entire family loves this curry with chapatis, especially Sahil, who is 3. He relishes this curry without any fuss from my side! Here is the recipe for all of you, hope you will try it and enjoy it as much as I do! This is one of the simplest curries to make by the way, so perfect for those busy nights!

2 -Broccoli bunches-chopped, stalks and all!
1- tbsp- Dry Fenugreek Seeds-Methi
1 tsp- Dry methi seeds, for tempering
3 cloves - garlic - chopped coarsely
oil, turmeric, chili powder, salt, hing as needed.

Soak the methi seeds in a cup of hot water for about 20 minutes. In a saucepan, heat oil and add garlic and methi seeds until they sizzle. Add Hing. Add the chopped broccoli and let it cook for about 5 minutes.

Add the soaked methi seeds now after draining the water from it. Add the salt, tumeric powder and chili powder to taste and cook on medium heat until done!

Serve with chapatis, kadhi, rice and yogurt for a hearty meal!


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