Thursday, 14 December 2006

Beetgreens Shaak

Beets- one of the most vibrant veggies around! I love to cook with these, in all forms, curries, daals, raitas, rotis and of course, salads. There's just something about its deep red color and its taste that I adore. I had some beets and beetgreens in the fridge and i decided to make one of my favorite curries with it. It is again, one of the simplest curries to make and tastes great with rotis and yogurt.
Here's what you will need: Large bunch of beetgreens and beets, 2 cloves garlic, jeera, olive oil, salt, red chili powder and turmeric.
Chop the beets and their greens separately. Set aside. Heat some oil in a pan, add jeera and let it sizzle. Add the cloves of garlic, which have been chopped finely, to the pan. Now add the beets and the spices. Let the beets soften. Now add the greens, and the seasonings. Adjust them to your taste and let it all come together. I have found that not a lot of salt is needed in this curry, so be careful when seasoning it. Serve hot with rotis,and yogurt. That's it..Easy enough!

Beets are high in many nutrients such as Vitamins A,B,C and also Folic acid and Calcium. The beet greens are especially healthy for pregnant women because of its folate, iron, pottasium and beta carotene contents. So eat up this healt
hy veggie whenever you can!

I also want to congratulate NIDHI of "Cooking Made Easy" on reaching the Number One position in the Treasured recipes contest!!! Way to go, Nidhi......!! You totally deserve it, and we're all very happy for you!


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