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A very Happy New Year to all of you!

I wanted to start off this new year's post with a sweet called Adadiyas. These are quintessential in a Kathiawadi household during the chilly winter months. Supposedly, these little mountains of goodness increase the heat in the body,and are very healthy- despite the amount of ghee that goes into it. When I was growing up in Rajkot, these were made by my mom and grandmother in the winter months to keep us kids warm!

These delicious adadiyas were made by a family friend, Jayshree aunty who sends us these treats every winter without fail. Here is the recipe:

500 g- Coarse Urad daal flour,
500 g- Sugar, powdered
15 g - Edible gum (gundar) available at any Indian grocery stores - pounded lightly and fried in some ghee until it puffs up. Set aside.
300g- Pure desi ghee
1/2 cup of Milk,
1 tbsp- Black pepper powder, 1tbsp- Cardamom powder, 1/2 or 1 tbsp- Ginger powder, 1 tbsp- Nutmeg powder,
Pistachios, Cashews, Almonds- chopped - 1 cup in all.

Add 1 tbsp ghee and some milk to the coarse urad daal flour and mix well. Set it aside for 30-35 minutes at least. Take the rest of the ghee in a heavy flat bottomed pan and on medium heat, slowly add the flour mixture. Keep mixing this rapidly so it doesn't burn. This will take around 15 minutes until it turns a pinkish-red color. Now add the black pepper, cardamom. ginger. nutmeg powders and mix thoroughly and then add the powdered sugar. You'll see the mixture turning thick. This is what you want. Now add the gundar that had been fried in ghee in the beginning. You might want to add more ghee to the flour mixture if it seems too dry. Add the
chopped pistachios, cashews and almonds now. Mix well and transfer into another container.
When it is slightly cool, make the adadiyas into small mountain like shapes (like those in the picture) on a greased plate. Once these are cool, they will become hard and ready to go into a storage container. These will keep fresh for about three weeks. Usually, I store these in the fridge and when ready to eat, I warm them up in the microwave for about 30 seconds.....these taste the best when slightly warm. Have one of these early in the morning or around snack time with some chai or hot cocoa....a sure way to chase the winter chills away!

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Anonymous said...

OMG Truptiben what a classical recipe, you should contribute this to the FAHC collection. Yes my mother use to make it all the time. Hey you grew up in Rajkot gosh, I was there for a month last Feb, we have a flat there near the Race Course, it’s a mad place on Sundays….~grin~..The whole town comes to the course. Jyostna joined me in the last week I was there and she also went mad with all the saree shopping….~smile~…anyway thanks for sharing the recipe and bringing back good memories…take care…have fun…

Sandeepa said...

Happy New Year To You and the lovely kids and your hubby

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey trupti.This recipe is entirly new to me.Will surely try this.Thanks for sharing.Happy new year to you and your family

Manasi said...

Hi Trupti!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U AND UR FAMILY!!!! and indeed a sweet (& warm) way to star the new year!!

Nidhi said...

Nice write-up Trupti...I know about Gundar but didn't knew that urad dal flour is also used for making sweets.

Thanks for sharing.

Shelliza said...

I'm not sure how, but I stumbled on your blog. Very interesting. I love your recipes, too. I used to live in Toronto and once worked for a travel agency that was owned by Gujratis.
Happy New Year!

burekaboy — said...

wow trupti! mountains indeed!!! any sweets made with tons of luscious ghee can't be bad can they? :D

that's very funny, my family also always starts the new year with sweet things. must be an international thing. during the jewish new year we only cook with honey and sugar -- no sour or bitter things are to be eaten or used to cook.

all the best to you and your small family all the way in newfoundland!

(is there even a way to get the indian groceries you need out there to cook all these things?! i guess i imagine nfld as being so remote compared to here where i live)

Roopa said...

Hi Trupti!
Adadiya looks scrumptious! I had not heard of this before and your post sure is tingling my taste buds :)

This is my first comment on your blog & thank you for stopping by my new blog ( and for your nice words!
Best wishes to you & your family for the new year!

Coffee said...

Trupti ben..... the adadiyas look fab!!!!! Pass some here please :P ..... How I miss my moms house now :( I am sure there would be dabbas full of these at this time. You brought back some good memories!!!! Thanks dear :)

Gargi said...

WOW!! I have been seeing (& trying)your recipes for the past month or so and I just saw that ur are a fellow Kathiawadi..(Kathiawad ROCKS!!) I love all ur recipes and have used them to satisfy my hubby's quench for Gujarati food. My DH is also fond of Punjabi food so for New Year's I tried the Paneer recipe and he loved it..Please keep posting the recipes as they are my guideline for cooking. Happy New Year!!

Pooja said...

Dear Trupti,
you make me miss my mom even more now! i surely gonna call her to make some for me... mane to banavata nathi avadata, ke pachhi me koi divas try j nathi karya.
seems like i need to get close to your auntie, so that some day even i can get this from her.. (he he he )
nice starting for new year , with our beloed Adadiya... just love it.

May This New Year Bring Good Health, Happiness And Prosperity To You And Your near and Dear ones.


Vcuisine said...

Trupti, something very new for us. Nice presentation. Tks for sharing. Viji

Prema Sundar said...

Wish u a very happy New year trupti and thanks for sharing a sweet with urad flour.


Sweet way to start new year.

I think Hurda is the same as Paunkh?-that's eaten with chutneys and ratlami sev?
Have you tried Paunkh Pakora ?

Sri said...

My neighbor aunty use to send it over whenever she made those adadiya. Me and my sis use to fight over it to share the last bite equally. :)
Thanks for sharing the recipe I can make them at home too!!! *hugs*

Seema said...

Wow , This looks delicious. Have heard of this sweet but never got a chance to try them. My mouth is watering just having a glance at them here.. Gottu try this soon
Thank you so much

Anjali said...

Hey Trupti its been sometime now that I had eaten this sweet and did not recollect the name. You got me swooning at the picture and I can say in my long lost gujarathi "mane adadiya bav bhave pun amari aiyan lavanga pun naakeche ema. thoduk tekhu flavor male enathi".


Vini K said...

Hi Trupti,wow,nice recipe.somewhat similar to the gond ka laddo that punjabis make.I will try this,as soon as I can locate the edible gum.In US,it used to be easily availabe bt here in London,I have to search for it.Nice way to start the new year.

ankita tiwari said...

finally i knw how the popular gujju dish is made!wit the winter season i can c all my gujju neighbour making them,n lucky me gets to feast on them too ;)! good work trupti!

Kishor & Varsha said...

Trpti Ben good to come accross the Addiya Recipe and Classified (Called as Kathiwadi). Please create a Category for Kathiawadi Recipes and post some more and those that are Gujarati but Kathiawadi can be included in both.

I am born in a Town of Jetpur near Rajkot and grew up in Mumbai but always savoring simple Kathiawadi Food. Hoping to see some more Kathiwadi Recipes.

Kishor & Varsha said...

TRUPTIBEN GOOD TO COME ACROSS KATHIAWADI RECIPE --ADADIYA. I have always enjoyed the Adadiya. I am born in Jetpur near Rajkot. Please create a Category for Kathiawadi Food in addition to Gujarati Food. Those that can be classified under both can be shown that way.

Hope to see more Kathiawadi Recipes in future.

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