Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Shovelling snow and Stuffing Bhindi

Yes, Folks.....its snowing right now-HARD. We got around 15-25 cms of snow. I already shoveled most of the snow early this morning along with Kartik, and I thought I was done for the day. Surprise! The snow plough made another round on my street and stuffed all the snow we had shoveled back in our driveway. arrrggghhh!!

Anyway....such is life I guess. No worries. We'll just make some good food and enjoy as the wind howls outside. Right?
Here is something I tried with frozen bhindi for the first time. I have always made stuffed bhindi while they were fresh, but I used frozen whole Okras.....just for a change. Here's what you do:

Thaw 1 bag of frozen whole okra and make a tiny slit in the middle. Meanwhile, get the stuffing ready, you will need: 2 tbsp besan flour, dhania jeera powder, dry pickle masala, salt, sugar, a pinch of amchur, shredded garlic clove, turmeric and some oil and jeera for the tempering.

Stuff the bhindis with the masalas and sprinkle some all over to coat them. Set aside for atleast 5-10 minutes before cooking.

Heat oil in a flat saucepan, Add Jeera. I find that flat pans work best for this type of a recipe. Now, add the okras. Let them sizzle on high heat at first. Lower the heat and let them cook until they turn slightly crispy. Add some more shredded garlic like I did for extra flavor.Serve hot with chapatis and yogurt for a delicious lunch.
Enjoy the recipe....while I go shovel some more snow.....!


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