Monday, 22 January 2007

Banana-Sooji Sheera

Fridays in my home is usually a day to do Lakshmi Pooja. If I have the time, I usually make a sweet to offer as a prasad. This time, I steered from the usual and added bananas to the otherwise plain Sooji Sheera. The addition of the bananas gave a whole new taste, almost banana bread like...

Here's the recipe and also my contribution to Maheshwari's AFAM event.

1 cup Semolina, 2 cups Milk,
Sugar to your taste, usually half a cup, 1 large ripe banana- chopped,toasted almonds, pistachios, Cardamom powder, Sultana Raisins and Ghee.

In a pan, heat ghee ( to your liking), add cardamom powder and the semolina. Roast till the semolina is a little brown. Add the milk and stir. Add the bananas, raisins, sugar and the toasted almonds and pistachios. Remove from heat and serve.

Try this sheera with bananas next really brings a new twist to the usual and tastes great.


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