Wednesday, 24 January 2007

A blizzard and some Chimichangas.......

A blizzard is roaring outside as I write this....but that means only one thing - everything is CLOSED! and I mean everything! So, what do I do? browse all the food blogs, of course. K is watching sports, S and S are downstairs wrecking their toys...err..I mean,playing...not much for me to do right now except post a new recipe for the Chimichangas that I had goes:

You will need:

Flour Tortillas - I used Spinach flavored ones.
For the beans: A can of refried beans,packet of hot taco seasoning, onions- chopped, oil.

For the veggie mixture: green peppers, zucchini *yes, I'm lovin' this zucchini now* carrots, red onions - all chopped lengthwise.
Some more taco seasoning, salt and pepper to taste.

For the rice as a side dish or filling: 1.5 cup Rice-soaked for 30 minutes, onions, corn, peas and carrots, you can use frozen mixed veggies, tomatoes- lots of them, salt, pepper, roasted cumin powder, garlic powder, a pinch of sugar, tabasco sauce, water.

Saute onions, and the veggies in some oil. Add the rice and stir until lightly browned. Now add the tomatoes and the spices and enough water- around 3 cups. Stir and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and let it cook until nice and fluffy.

Cheese, sour cream, guacamole, taco hot sauce,olives, green onions as fillers and for garnish.

Make the bean filling by sauteeing the onions in some oil, add the beans and taco seasoning.Mix well and set aside.

To make the veggie filling: Saute the veggies that have been chopped lengthwise in some oil, when they are soft, add the seasoning, to your taste and the salt and pepper. You can also add some tomatoes if you like it tangy...I left them out this time.

To assemble: spread the bean mixture, rice mixture and veggie mixture in the middle of the tortilla. Add cheese and some taco sauce, guacamole,green onions and olives. Roll up the sides and tuck the tortilla so that it is snug. Meanwhile, heat a pan, use medium-low heat.
Spray the pan with some oil spray such as Pam...and place tortilla seam side down. Cook until all the sides are nice and browned and the filling is hot....around 5 minutes for each tortilla. See picture.

Serve hot with a side of some rice and sour cream. This is my favorite Mexican recipe...I like this even more than the Spinach Enchiladas that I usually make. Enjoy.

Several reader and non bloggers have requested Gujarati recipes from me....I will do my best and try and bring these recipes for you. So, keep an eye out for it! I am off to make some authentic Gujarati lunch, which I will post soon.

Also, Check this site out:
that I have come across recently, it features great Chefs and individuals who post recipes, just like we do on our blog, except they are in a video format.....a wonderful idea! Check it out and register yourself if you like.

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