Monday, 29 January 2007

Ragda-Patties Night....

Another creation from K.....this time, it is Ragda-Patties, an almost chaat like concoction that is full of flavor and kicks! I made the potato petis and baked them instead of shallow frying them in all that oil. This is also my entry for dear Pooja's Vegetable of the week.
K is an expert at making this ragdo, and so he offered to make this again last night, here is his very simple but a delicious recipe:

For the beans:
2 cups yellow or white dried peas- soaked for 6 hours and cooked until soft, 1 medium Onion-chopped, Ginger-Garlic- Jalapeno- paste, 1 large tomato, garam masala, salt, turmeric powder, sugar to taste. You can also use tamarind for an extra pungent flavor.

For the tempering:
oil, cinnamon stick, jeera seeds and hing (asafoetida).

For the Patties: potatoes- cooked and mashed, cilantro, 1 cup cooked green peas, roasted cumin powder, salt, sugar, ginger-garlic-jalapeno paste,2 tbsp- breadcrumbs. Set the rest of the breadcrumbs aside to coat the potatoes.

For Garnish and sides: Finely chopped red onions, peppers, cilantro, tamarind chutney, green cilantro chutney, hot sauce, yogurt.

Soak the beans in hot water for atleast 6 hours, and cook them in the pressure cooker until soft.
In a deep pan, heat some oil, add jeera seeds,cinnamon stick and the hing. Add the onions and the GGJ paste. Stir until the raw smell is gone from the garlic. Add the peas and enough water to cover the beans. This bean mixture should not be too thick or too thin. Add the rest of the spices and let it boil until the desired taste and consistency is reached.

For the Potatoes: In a bowl, mix the potatoes and peas together. Add the spices and mix well. Add the breadcrumbs and form into a ball. The potatoes should be fairly dry or the patties will fall apart.
To form all uniform shaped patties, I have a great tip: Use an ice cream scoop. Scoop out the potato mixture and form into patties,and coat each of them with breadcrumbs. See picture of K holding the scooped patty and the formed patties in the background.
Place each of the patty on an aluminum foiled tray. Bake for 45 minutes at 350F. Halfway through, turn each patty over so it is cooked evenly. During the last few minutes of baking, turn the broiler on to give each patties a nice brown crust.

To assemble: Put two patties in a bowl, drizzle the bean mixture on top, top off with onions, chutneys and yogurt. Enjoy!

Another thing I would like to share is this food blog I came across recently, written by a very enthusiastic 17 year old..yep, she's 17, and her love for all things Indian is check out Jenni's Blog. It is a delight to see such a young person so interested in cooking healthy meals for her family.


Sandeepa said...

Great looking Ragda-Patties. I first saw this recipe in mandira's blog and now yours. Thanks to K for this...Tell him we said "great looking ragda":)
Shall make it sometime soon

Sangeeta said...

Hi Trupti,

Great recipe - absolutely yummy looking Ragdo-Patties

Seema said...

Thank you so much friend for everything and this Ragda Patties look gorgeous. I have add this a couple of times back in India and had almost forgotten about it.
Have bookmarked this. Gotto try this sometime.
Thanx & Hugs

Asha said...

Man!!How lucky are you to have a husband who cooks!:)) Great entry!Looks so delicious,I want some.

I love Chaat,infact I am having Samosa Chaat for lunch right now!I know,I am crazy!;D I will post later.

I know some great teenagers who blog beautifully!I will check out Jenni.Btw,I was shocked to see Seema's recipes reproduced elsewhere words and pics!Made me very upset!:(

swapna said...

hi trupti
patties are looking tasty...will follow ur tip to make uniform patties thanks for sharing...

Sia's corner said...
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Sia's corner said...

yum and yummyyyyyyyyy... i was thinking of making it on weekend and ended up eating burger;) but next weekend its ragda patties time for sure...cross mt heart:) i too am gonna bake it instead of deep frying... i need to start dieting i guess:)
and ma'am i have tagged u:)

Krithika said...

love ragda patties. yours looks delicious

USHA said...

HI Trupti,

Receipes looks yummy...Ragda-patties looks crunchy..
Between i checked Jennie's bolg.It was good,thanks for sharing dear.

Roopa said...

Yummo! That looks awesomely delicious. I am sucker for any kind of chaat and RP is usually on the top coz you can make a whole meal out of it! Thanks for sharing Trupti!
- Roopa

Nidhi said...

Great recipe Trupti, good one for Pooja's vegetable of the week event. It looks chatpata and yummy! India ki chaat bahut yaad aati hai...

Coffee said...

Not I am totally J !!!!! First the first the noodles... then snow... and now ragda patties !!!!! HUH!!!!

I am coming over to help you scoop some snow. So keep some ragda patties for me ;)

Jyothsna said...

I luv ragada pattice! Your entry reminded me that I haven't made that in a long time!! Thanks for the reminder!!:)

Pooja said...

Hi Trupti,
this is a great entry! you always come up with some new idea ! Bingo !
thanks for sharing and participating, Now I have 1 more recipe to make ragda patties. :) Nice that kartikbhai helps you in kitchen . Deepak ne avde to badhu chhe, apn kitchen ma bolavama aave to j enter thay chhe :)) .
I really loved this recipe . Also , i want to thank you for exposing andramirchi to seema for what he/she has done. I think we all should do something to expose such bloggers. Nice job you did Girl. I am glad that a nice person like you is my friend.

HariPriya said...

RagdaPAtties looks delicious ....yummy ...mouthwatering!!!!Nice picture..Did u chk my version of making??;)

Sumitha said...

Mouth watering dish Trupti!Will make them soon!I love the background score in your blog its so peaceful.Santoor is one of my favourite instruments too!I think i am going to visit here more just to listen to it;)

Jasmine said...

Your dish reminded me of Mumbai beaches where we ate ragda patties regularly.

jacob said...

i just got bcak from mumbai and now i want to go again, all for ragda-patties. nice!


HKJ,Control yourself, You cannot rush to Kailash Parbat,Coloba at this hour for Ragda Pattties. Compromise today for Ragda Pattice from Tiwari Bros.

Some people even add Chhole to Pattice

Sushma said...

Ilove ragda patties.. Great pics

Anonymous said...

God! You are killing me with these yummy things:-) It will be my lunch tomorrow;-)

hey, it might be silly question but whats the difference between tikki chat & ragda patties?


Latha said...

Wow Trupti, I am so hungry and so lazy to cook. Your ragda patties look just right and delectable!
I love u're music of the moment. I come here if nto anything else, to listen to whats playing. You have an amazing collection.
And u're interest in supernatural things - u are one gutsy woman! I am very intrigued myself but I'm a little 'darpok' too, so I dont read much about stuff. I have a mind that is very imaginative! Besides I get to stay alone a lot when my K travels on business (notice that we both ahve K's for husbands :-) Just being silly!

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