Wednesday, 7 February 2007

An Apple-Strawberry Galette

There is a wonderful blog event going on called A Fruit A Month, hosted by Maheshwari of the blog Beyond the Usual. This month's theme is "Strawberries" and how perfect it is for this love-lorn month of February! I decided to make an Apple-Strawberry Galette, and this is my entry for the AFAM event. This, by the way is also one of the easiest desserts to make!

You will need:

1 package of Thawed Puff pastry dough
2 Golden Delicious apples- or any apple variety- cored and chopped roughly
1 cup of Fresh Strawberries-chopped
1 Tbsp-Butter- Melted
1/3 cup Sugar
1/2 tsp Ground Cinnamon
1/2 tsp Ground Nutmeg
1 tsp Vanilla
2 tbsp- Orange Juice
Some Milk to brush on the pastry.

Thaw the puff pastry sheet according to package directions. In a bowl, combine the apples, strawberries, butter, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, Vanilla and the orange juice. Preheat oven to 375F.

Unroll the pastry sheet on a baking pan and line it with the parchment paper that it came with. Spoon the fruit mixture in the center of the sheet leaving some space for the pastry to be rolled up. Fold the pastry, partially covering it and pinch the ends so that it stays together. Brush the pastry with some milk for a nice glaze. You can use an egg if you want, but since I can't stand the smell of the eggs, I use milk.

Place the galette in the oven to bake for around 30 minutes or until the crust is golden brown.
Let it cool for a bit before serving. Serve with some whipped cream and enjoy!


Little Chefs in the Kitchen Event
Deadline has been extended till February 20th. Get your entries in by the 20th.

Feel Free to copy and paste this button =>

Another Idea I have had is to host an event that will be eligible to win a Prize from me. I haven't come up with the event theme yet. I need your suggestions on this......I am thinking, "Hubbies in the Kitchen", "Another Kids in the Kitchen", "Desserts Galore" etc........the BEST entry, judged by me, my parents, and hubby will win a get your thinking caps on and let me know of a suggestion, this way we can make Food Blogging even more fun for everyone.

Thanks for all your comments on the Gujarati Series I have received....Glad you like it!


@ said...

let me know of a suggestion
a few suggestions from me:
*healthy snacks for kids,
*desi spin on non-desi dish,
*dish with Holi theme.

Pooja said...

Oh, I jsut come to know how much i miss here in last few days !
my net is not working well, sometines it gets down without any reason ,and i just hate it.
so many nice gujarati dihes around here . mane to idea bhuj gamyo, gujarati series walo.
i am all in if you choose hubby in the kitchen. :D .
thanks for that
going ot post one kids friendly snack tomorrow to you. will eamil you too.
thanks for sharing lovely dishes around here.

swapna said...

hi trupti
nice idea..u know one thing when u announced little chef's in the kitchen theme i want to give u an idea of introducing hubby's in the kitchen..ok ..any way u are here..good will be fun because for sometime we can take rest from the kitchen work right..:-)))))
hubbies will be excited for this more than kids..what do u say?
go on girl we will give our hands too...:-)0
the looking delicious with all the fruit pieces..nice entry..

Seema said...

Loved the Apple-Strawberry Galette recipe. Seems to be very easy to make too.
About the event you wanna host Trupti, 'Kids in the kitchen' would be a little tricky for people like me who have no kids yet. 'Hubbies in the kitchen' would be fantastic. Dessets / soups / appetizers or something like easy microwavable dishes etc can also be good for this event.

Hugs and good luck with hosting Trupti.

maheswari said...

Another event ..way to go..i liked the can expect my entry..
Galette looks delcious and very easy to mak.Will give it a try soon.Thanks for the entry.

maheswari said...

Another event ..way to go..i liked the can expect my entry..
Galette looks delcious and very easy to mak.Will give it a try soon.Thanks for the entry.

USHA said...

Hi Trupti,

This would be wonderful idea of involving hubbies in kitchen.

By the way Galette is a gr8 entry for AFAM.

Sia's corner said...

galette looks yum yummy... looks quite easy to make also...
mmmm... will think something interesting for ur upcoming theme n let u know... rt now my brain is half dead after long busy day:)

Asha said...

Love the new look!!Art is enchanting!Galette is absolutely outstanding nad easy too.You are on a roll girl!

Husband in the kitchen.Never going to happen to me!Only thing he can do is make coffee!Anything else will do fine for me!:))

Sri said...

Beautiful picture in the Art of India section ...I was just staring at it for a minute and the santoor in the background wow!!! it made me feel as if i was in an elegant indian gallery or something...Now visiting your blog is some of therapy for me visual and spiritual :) (not kidding).

Galette is looking super. Like other fellow bloggers i will also suggest cooking with hubby would be a good one. BTW my real name is Sruthi. :)

NZ said...

Galette looks yummy and you made it simple to make it too.

I could participate in the 'kids...' event with your encouragement to non-food-bloggers to participate in it by sending their entry to you by mail, but, hubby, well he can only make bhel puri out of the ready-made packet !! So, think. will have to skip the 'hubby in the kitchen' :-)

But, the prize thing sounds interesting. Hmmm........

Coffee said...

What should I be awed about!!!!!
the new look!!!! or your dessert!!!! or ur enthusiasm about the events!!! ???? Heck, all of it!!! ;)
Great going there!!! :)
LCIK is delayed :( I was hoping to see the roundup before I go to india :( Never mind :)

Hubby in the kitchen!!!!! NAH!!!! you will have nothing from me :(
Anything else, I am in for it!!!! I liked @'s ideas!!!

BTW.... what is the gift ;) :P

Lakshmik said...

Yummy recipe. Cannot wait to try it.

Sandeepa said...

Hey nice dessert, also the new look of your blog is very refreshing
Liked the painting

Jessica said...

Wow!! They look so yummy...thanx for sharing all your recipes..very keen on learning Indian cuisines!!Cheers!!Jessica

Latha said...

Hey Trupti,

Sounds like a yummy and easy desert to make. Will surely give it a try!
And I love the idea of "Hubbies in the Kitchen' - anything to get my husband in the kitchen would be great!
Do le tus know the details!

Latha said...

Hey Trupti,

Sounds like a yummy and easy desert to make. Will surely give it a try!
And I love the idea of "Hubbies in the Kitchen' - anything to get my husband in the kitchen would be great!
Do le tus know the details!

Vini K said...

Hi Trupti,

many many thanks to you for extending the deadline for little chefs event.I was thinking i lost out on it..will post a recipe with my little one helping me for sure,now that she is more interested in cooking an stirring the pot than eating!Thanks again,(Hugs):)about the hubbies event,I am not so sure I can participate coz mu hubby is ,diplomaticall speaking,the "non-interfering" kind meaning he won;t even step into the kitchen when I am cooking!:)

Vini K said...

Oops!forgot to post about the Galette!looks deliciosu Trupti.You are as creative as can be when it comes to cooking with mundane ingredients..keep up the good work dear.I am sure your kids will be the happiest to have you as their mom!of course,so will be your hubby K!whaddayasay?

Jyothsna said...

Galette looks easy and tempting! Thanks for this recipe! The look of your blog is really pretty!!
I like your theme ideas, but I don't have kids. Hubby is never going to enter the kitchen!:( But I like the theme Desserts Galore!!!

Asha said...

I have a different suggestion T!!
Could you please create a pretty logo for us to display when we post our entries for your event?That would look great in our posts.Thanks buddy!:))

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Trupti,
That looks really Yummy..Iam planning to do strawberry tarts tommorrow..

bee said...

trupti, your site and recipes get better each day. love the new look.
the undhiyu esp. looks outrageously good.


jai and bee said...

we have a suggestion, trupti.

a healthy and yummy three course veggie meal - that comes completely out of ingredients from cans or boxes. theme name: "guests at the door". it should be healthy, yummy, and take under ten minutes total.

we can, and will be posting one such meal on our blog next week.

mandira said...

Trupti - the galette looks yummylicious... I love looking at your blog, especially the different icons you have for each post, I don't see them now :(

Sandeepa said...

the button is cool

Sushma said...

So I have been missing alot as I had been busy at office. So many activities suggestion boxes open..WOW !!! The Apple Strawberry Galette looks Yummy ... I would definitely give it a try...

Loved the Indian art.

:-) said...

Hi there,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've recently found out about your blog. You've thought of a very interesting name.

I was too shy to use my address before...


vasilisa said...

This looks so yummy! I love strawberries, especially in winter...

And I love the "Hubbies in the Kitchen" idea. Maybe it will get my hubby into it. Though that would be a long shot :-)

Linda said...

Hi Trupti -- the galette sounds delicious! Very pretty photo too :)

Anonymous said...

Ben you have to read my post...its a plea for compassion...~wide grin~...I think the event is a great idea...lets hope the brotherhood are not reading this...they will kill me...~lol~


out of the world

burekaboy — said...

hey trupti, that looks great. i love making galettes -- LOL, guess i am too lazy to make a proper pie. galettes are the next best thing. btw, your blog looks terrific. it keeps "growing" everytime i visit you! :P

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