Sunday, 11 February 2007

Mexican Pizzas.....and an Event Update.

One thing I miss about living in Tampa is Taco I love those 7-layer burritos, tacos, and the Mexican pizzas. TB has come through for me for those late night spicy cravings, mostly related to pregnancy though!..and of course, those times when we feel like just pigging out without giving two hoots about health.....and so many more times I can't even count!
Though we do have a TB here, it's not the full fledged one, its a tiny, rinky dink express joint which hardly has any choices...oh well. So, of course, I have to satisfy my Mexican cravings by making it on my, here is my way to make those pizzas that you find at TB.

This is what you will need:

1 packet- small tortillas, 1 bottle of Taco sauce,available at any grocery store, Mexican Cheese Blend, Green onions, Olives, tomatoes, Pinto beans- canned or fresh, taco seasoning.

Chop the green onions, tomatoes and set aside. Shallow fry the tortillas in a little bit of oil till golden brown and crispy. Meanwhile, make the bean layer by mashing pinto beans in some taco seasoning. Set aside.

To assemble: Take one of the crispy tortillas, spread some taco sauce on top, then the beans. Put another tortilla on top, spread some more taco sauce, add cheese, green onions, olives and tomatoes. Bake in the oven at 350F on a lined baking sheet, until the cheese melts. Enjoy with some rice, guacamole, sour cream, salsa or nachos.

Here are the Nachos that K made:

Layer some tortillas chips, spread beans and cheese on top. Bake until the cheese melts. Top with green onions, olives, tomatoes,and sour cream......enjoy!

Event Update:
I have received many suggestions for the Cooking Event, and I have decided to be fair and come up with an event that everyone will be able to participate in...and here is the theme:

"Spring Fling 2007-with Family and Friends in the Kitchen."

"Family/Friends in the Kitchen" - could be anyone from the family, husband, kids, your mother/father, in-laws, cousins, bhabhis...etc etc...or among the friend circle..your best friends, neighbors....I am being very generous here.

1. Cook a Vegetarian recipe -A dessert, main dish, side dish, appetizer of your choice, NO soups, NO Drinks though. The recipe must be Vegetarian. Origin of the recipe does not matter.

2. Cook with family/friend, include their hands/elbow/feet....catch my a picture,their initials,and their relationship to you in the post. If you would like to include face shots, it is entirely up to you.

3. Send two pictures, one of the dish and the other of your Kitchen mate helping you make the dish,and a permanent link of the recipe to:

4.Send these entries by: May 20th, 2007..I am giving you guys plenty of time!

5. The BEST entry- judged on creativity and presentation, will receive a Prize from me, along with some other goodies being mailed to get creative, have fun and let's see what we all come up with. What's the prize you ask? Well....obviously, one of them will be a COOKBOOK, which one, I don't know yet...the prize will be customized to the something suited to you.

6. Post the recipe on your blog with the button that I will be making soon.

7. Only those with Blogs may participate, it doesn't have to be a food blog though.

So, Good Luck....and get cooking! Any questions, comments, write to me directly at:



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