Thursday, 1 February 2007

Cooking From Other Blogs- Seema's Mallige Idlis

Somehow, I never had the knack of making Idlis. I was always weary...and a little put off by those who could always churn up these little clouds of yumness ( is that even a word?) in a jiffy.Many a times, I had seen my mom, my Foi, my friends, and most recently my mother-in-law whip up these Idlis...which were always soft, always had the right amount of salt..well, you get the point. Then, I tried. All While thinking "I'll show them....I can make these damn idlis just as good....". Oh, I made them all right, but I don't think I could classify them as "Idlis". Few obscene words later, I ended up throwing the little bricks, err...idlis away. I also ended up making "uttapams" from that ghastly batter. Then, one day, I came across dear Seema's recipe for Mallige Idlis. I looked at the ingredients, and it sounded like it just *might* work for me. And oh boy, did it ever work! The recipe was perfect in every way..and I think I jumped for joy when I saw the Idli batter rise...*no kidding*.
Later that evening, I steamed these little goodies to perfection served it with a Veggie Sambhar that also came out perfect.....So yes, it was perfect in every way *notice how often I have used that word here*.

Truly, these were the softest idlis I have ever made. I have also recently come across an Idli Chutney powder which mixed with ghee or Olive Oil, in my case is a culinary delight all on its own! Even K, who has had to endure my Idli fiascos of the past said that they were *awesome* in every way. What more approval do I need?

This recipe is a keeper...and you bet I'll be making these again and again, thanks to Seema!
So head on over to Seema's Recipe Junction and check out the Mallige Idlis.

PS: Thanks all for your comments on my MeMe....and for asking about my story with K...maybe someday, I will do a post on it.


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