Thursday, 1 February 2007

Cooking From Other Blogs- Seema's Mallige Idlis

Somehow, I never had the knack of making Idlis. I was always weary...and a little put off by those who could always churn up these little clouds of yumness ( is that even a word?) in a jiffy.Many a times, I had seen my mom, my Foi, my friends, and most recently my mother-in-law whip up these Idlis...which were always soft, always had the right amount of salt..well, you get the point. Then, I tried. All While thinking "I'll show them....I can make these damn idlis just as good....". Oh, I made them all right, but I don't think I could classify them as "Idlis". Few obscene words later, I ended up throwing the little bricks, err...idlis away. I also ended up making "uttapams" from that ghastly batter. Then, one day, I came across dear Seema's recipe for Mallige Idlis. I looked at the ingredients, and it sounded like it just *might* work for me. And oh boy, did it ever work! The recipe was perfect in every way..and I think I jumped for joy when I saw the Idli batter rise...*no kidding*.
Later that evening, I steamed these little goodies to perfection served it with a Veggie Sambhar that also came out perfect.....So yes, it was perfect in every way *notice how often I have used that word here*.

Truly, these were the softest idlis I have ever made. I have also recently come across an Idli Chutney powder which mixed with ghee or Olive Oil, in my case is a culinary delight all on its own! Even K, who has had to endure my Idli fiascos of the past said that they were *awesome* in every way. What more approval do I need?

This recipe is a keeper...and you bet I'll be making these again and again, thanks to Seema!
So head on over to Seema's Recipe Junction and check out the Mallige Idlis.

PS: Thanks all for your comments on my MeMe....and for asking about my story with K...maybe someday, I will do a post on it.


Manasi said...

Hi Trupti! Love the write up! and the idlis look YUM! i make a shortcut sometimes, using urad flour and idli rava (1 : 1 1/2) those turn out good too!
Will try ur version next time!

Nidhi said...

Hey Trupti, The idlis are looking fantastic (OH! I love Idlis so much). Lovely write-up too... enjoyed reading it.

Asha said...

Woo Hoo! You got it T!!:))They are fluffy and perfectly puffed.Do you know Mallige` means Jasmine in Kannada? It is really tough to get that perfect idlis every time even for me.Looks great,good job and print that recipe out for keepsake.
One of these days I will post a perfect Sambhar for you to go with those too,I promise!

swapna said...

hi trupti
i can't see the picture here..but may be i can pass onto seema's blog and see there..:-(waiting for the lovestory with k:-?

Sandeepa said...

Hey Trupti
Saw this post in the morning but was unable to post comments , don't know if it's blogger or there's some problem when I access at work. Can see the post but cannot comment :(
Anyway, fluffy idlis, looks great

Seema said...

Woooo Hoooo you got it gal!!!I am so happy you got the fuffy mallige idlis right and glad it was just perfect Trupti. Nothing like seeing someone liking the recipe as much as yourself isn't it?


Vani said...

I don't make idlies for the same reason, T! I buy the homemade dough sold at Indian grocers. I should try Seema's recipe too! :)

Coffee said...

YUMMY!!!!! SSo is that coming to my blog event ;)
I think I can take that liberty to shamelessly ask them from you for MBP :P

Looks lovely TRS!!!!! Even in this winter you managed to get the fermentation right!!!! WOW!!!

You might want to add a link to MBP so that others also get to know about it. :)

And the lil chef post is coming your way this sunday!!!!! :)

Sri said...

Hi Trupti they look fluffy and soft.

Lisa said...

Hi Trupti...
Idli is the most frequent dish for breakfast in or home, since I found out my daughter love it..

Thanks for visiting my blog..

jacob said...

nice piece of posting there. and the idlis look great!

Kaburlu said...

Hi Trupti

I am glad that ur idly turned out fantastic and I would like to try too, but I cant seem to get to seema's page. Can you help me get that recipe?

Thanks much

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