Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Little Chefs In the Kitchen- Final Roundup!

Here's the final roundup of the Little Chef entries! Thank you all for contributing and making this event a hit!

Abha, all the way from th
e land of kiwis- NZ, sent this recipe for Creamy Muffins with her "Cool Kids Cooking"! With due respect to Abha and her kids, I am going to do a separate post on their entry with all their wonderful pictures and the recipe, but in the meantime, here is a preview of these very cute little chefs whipping up a storm!

Look at that treat...but most of all, look at those happy faces! Utterly cute, I say!

Vini from Passion for Food: Tiramisu

Little Chef Ananya helped mom make tiramisu even though she suffered an injury..what a brave little chef she is!

Look at those cute little pink I wish for a girl!

Mommyof2: Whole
Wheat Cookies!

Here is little Chef A, who made a very healthy whole wheat cookie and decorated it all by himself! Look at that precious heart shape...well done, A!

Now that's a cookie, I wouldn't mind having.....! Wonderful Job A!

Sandeepa of Bong Mo
m's Cookbook: Banana Pancakes

Sandeepa's little chef S made banana pancakes for breakfast! As Sandeepa says, Little S is more than willing to help in the kitchen, and get this, she also helps her dad unload the dishwasher and help mumma pound the masalas! What a kid...!

Sunita of Sunita's World: Fruity Custard and Jelly Trifle

Sunita's Little Chefs come all the way from UK and they bring to us this awesome looking Fruity custard and Jelly Trifle. What a combo...a surefire hit with the kids! Great job, it looks delicious!

Prema from Prema's Cookbok: Pedaas!

Prema's 5 year old daughter made one of my favorite dessert- Pedaas! Look at that lovely star shape of that yummy pedaa! This recipe is really easy, by the way, I tried this last week and the pedaas came out great!

Shaheen from Malab
ar Spices: Heart Shaped Cookies!

Shaheen's son helped her make these heart shaped cookies...and he also added a special touch by sprinkling some sugar on them!
A creative cook already!

Suma of A
Clueless Cook: Garlic bread with an Indian Twist:

Little Chefs Shreyas and Shravya helped mom make Garlic bread with a twist....!
In Suma's own words "My son is not that little. So, instead of asking him to stir something, I chose a recipe where he can contribute maximum. My son enjoyed doing most of the work and my daughter did the sprinkling part happily. They wanted to do more and I had to stop them.".


Peanut butter and Chocolate Bars: from Me and my two chefs

Recipe coming soon on another post!

Now on to some kid-
friendly recipes !

* Sushma of Sunkiran: Banana Coconut Rolls!

Sushma came up with a great idea to roll bananas and coconut in a puff pastry! what a wonderful treat for kids...and of course, adults! Very creative snack, Sushma....thanks and my apologies!

*Jyothsna: Curry Bazzar: Orange Strawberry Smoothie & Lychee Yog

Kids love smoothies! What a perfect and a healthy drink, for those
who don't like to eat their fruits....turn it into a smoothie
and it will be gone in a jiffy! Thanks Jyothsna!

* Coffee: My Khazana of recipes with Chocolate Dipped Strawberries!

What a delicious way to eat fruit....and its NOT just for kids.... Strawberries and Chocolate are a heavenly combiniation! Thanks Coffee!

* Rajani: Amma Chepindi : Baked Beans Wonder....

What a wonderful lunch idea! kids love these kinds of stuff....the more you make it look like their favorite foods, there are more chances of them eating it! Thanks Rajani!

* Sri: Daavat: Khaman Dhokla

Kids love the taste and the spongy texture of this recipe....look at how fluff
y they are! Are you sure you're not a Gujarati, Sri? Thanks!

* Pooja: My Creative Ideas: Coriander Stars

Dear Pooja Masi,

We love the way these star
s look! Now, if only our mom would get off the computer and make them for us! or are we going to have to wait until you come here?? *giggles*

Sahil and Siddharth

* Supriya: Spice Corner: Raspberry Apricot Tart and Fresh Strawberries with icecream and chocolate!

No words to describe these delectable desserts! They are wonderful to make, especially for birthday parties and on special days....raspberries and apricots, and strawberries! What a medley of fruits! Thanks Supriya!

Thank you! I couldn't have done this without all your support!

Upcoming Post Preview: Weekend Lunch Series: "Gota Bhajiya"


Sandeepa said...

Thanks Trupti. Cut Cute Round up :)

Rajani said...

Hi Trupti
What a fabulous work by all little chefs, they are really cute. Helping mommy in the kitchen even at a very small age that's really nice.....Well done little fellows. Nice round up Trupti u deserve it.

Asha said...

WOW!! That's the second wow from me!!So many entries,lovely kids and I love the Hoola girls!!:D
Must have taken you a long time T!You are a super woman.Great job.

Seema said...

Great work girl!!! Pat on your back for having such beautiful roundups.

nz said...

awwww...cho chuweet of you Trupti - thanks. Just showed it to the kids too and they were so happy to see themselves and their hardwork dispayed on a blog other than their mum's ;-)

Very well done again, lady :-)

Vcuisine said...

Excellent Trupti. all dishes look so nice and very interesting to read your small note. Good job. Viji

Sri said...

:) You could say I am Malayalee Gujarati :)) Good job Trupti.

I tried your guvar was so quick n easy, the chopping part was only time consuming...really jhatphat know my hubby is not a guvar fan but still he loved your version...Thanks Trupti for sharing Gujarati version of guvar will be making it quite often.

Sushma said...

Hello Trupti,

You forgot my entry for Banana coconut rolls :-(

Sia's corner said...

now take a deep breath and rest a while:) welld one sweetie:)

Jyothsna said...

Wow, Trupti! That was really cute!!:)I must add, I was as pleased as any of the kids to see my name there!:):)

Madhavi said...

Wow Trupthi,

What a beautiful round up! And the way you have presented the pictures and recipes with the cartoons is too good.

I keep coming back to see the little ones again and again.

Good job!


Mishmash ! said...

Trupti, Very cute round up..i loved all those animation there :)And hey beautiful that urs ?


mommyof2 said...

You worked really hard to make it present very creativily:-) good job:-)

@ said...

Trupti! looks like this event was a mega hit - so many entries!! and really beautiful presentation! great job!!

swapna said...

hi trupti
u got so many cute cute pictures!!!isn't it?
the art u put on ur blog is wonderfull ...

Linda said...

Once again Trupti, just fabulous! What a fun read ... thanks so much for your hard work :)

Sushma said...

Hello Trupti,

I know how much hard work goes into these events, so no apologies... I do and would always love to visit your blog ..Its provides a very soothing and peaceful environment for me...

Vini K said...

Wow Trupti,what a great job!really nice roundup!Infact I have started a new blog just to place all the links of such food events that you gilrs do!I am unable to catch up on them with my number of bookmarks increasing hour upon hour!Thanks dear.I also read that you are going to host JFI in June,congrats for that too.

sunita's world said...

Wow Trupti,

Give yourself a nice pat on the back from me.Kudos to you!Well done!!! I think I'm going to be short of epitaphs in your praise!!!

Thanks for putting up my(or should I say 'our') entry so lovingly. The kids,who were eager to help as always, thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Well done again!!

Archana said...

hi Trupti
You visited my site and commented and thats how I found you! What a lovely idea. I can't wait to do this with my twins.

I used to help my mom out when I was little and I think it really influenced my love for cooking.

Mallugirl said...

nice roundup.. its cute to see all the little hands.good job!

Nabeel said...

awwwwww @ kids eating .. happy face, happy food .. loved that picture.

Naina said...

Trupz! Guess what?? Seema is my sis, she's the one who asked you to send
the mp3 of walking in the rain. Small world! :)) Your blog is looking wonderfully yummy! I'm gonna have to make these :D


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