Saturday, 24 February 2007

Little Chefs In the Kitchen Roundup- Part I

Here They Are! Little Chefs In Action......Check out what these Little Masters have been up to!

I'll be doing the roundup in two batches....just so each Little Chef and their recipe get the most exposure....they deserve the credit after all!

1. Ashaji of Foodie's Hope: Chocolate Chip Waffles.

Ashaji's Little Chef TJ whipped up Chocolate-Chip Waffles for breakfast. In Ashaji's own words, "My son TJ who is almost a tween, is very considerate person , a great student and always keen to lend a helping hand with my work everyday , made these Waffles all by himself for us ! He did a fabulous job and he makes me very proud to be his mom." Here are the Waffles made by TJ:

No wonder Mom is proud! Good Job TJ!

2. Swapna of Susarla's Kitchen: Banana Milk Shake - Entry # 1

Swapna's daughter Vaishu helped mom make this delicious Banana Milk Shake!

Look at those cute hands chopping the bananas.....Great looking Shake Vaishu!


3. Swapna of Susarla's Kitchen: Dhokla - Entry # 2

This time, Vaishu helped her mom in making a Gujarati delight....Dhokla!
Those look really out Gujjus! This little chef knows what she is doing!


4. Maheshwari of Beyond the Usual: Chicken Curry

Maheshwari's son Ram, helps mom out to make Chicken Curry..all while sitting on the counter and asking what *this* is and what *that* is! What a curious cook.


5. IndoSunGod: Chapatis

IndoSunGod's daughter SK helped Mom make Chapatis! In ISG's own words..."She loves to cook the Chappathis as I am rolling them. She draws a stool close to the stove and helps me cook chappathis all the time yakking away, you know how eight years olds are. Everything has to be analyzed to the last detail. My fond hope is to teach her as much of Indian cooking as possible so she can enjoy cooking good food."
With a Wonderful mom like that, who wouldn't want to cook and learn from her??


6. Ashwini of Food For Thought: Date Cake
Ashwini writes of her little neice A:
"I made the date cake with my cousin and little niece A. She is a smart, mischievous, 5 going on 10 year old!! Whenever she comes over to our home she doesn't have anyone to play with, but still occupies herself with her puzzles and books. So when we baked the cake that day I was glad she could be involved in it. And she really enjoyed herself too."

What a *sweet* niece and of course, the aunt too!

7. Yum Yum Mum Mum: Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins

YYMM's little Chef named Kodi has to be the youngest chef on the block! He is 16 months old, he sifts flour AND he stirs the batter! Good going Kodi!
Kodi, you can come over and bake with Sahil anytime! Love the way the Muffins look! You rock!

8.Linda's: Out Of the Garden: No Bake Strawberry Shortcake
Linda's daughter Megan made this when she was 12-13 years old....hope your daughter will soon join you in the kitchen and whip up wonderful treats just like you do! The Shortcake looks delicious nonetheless..with all those fresh strawberries and whipped cream....yum.


9. RP of My Workshop: Dessert Pizza: Entry# 1.

RP's daughter made this unique dessert pizza....just look at how creative this is..I can just imagine the taste of all the fresh fruits with the cream cheese.... A perfect summer treat!

Entry # 2: Old fashioned Cake.....

Another entry by RP and her daughter is this delicious looking cake, an old-fashioned cake.....made with Hot milk to give it extra moistness.....! Looks wonderful.


10. Lakshmi Ammal's: Pecan Shortbread Cookies

Lakshmi Ammal and her daughter sent me this delicious entry for Pecan Shortbread cookies.
Lakshmi's daughter is full of energy and curiosity....following her mother around in the kitchen as she sampling familiar does that sound to many of us? Didn't we all do that at some point in our childhood days??? I know, I did!

Lakshmi, your daughter's enthusiasm is evident in her creativity...just look at these cookies and its presentation!


11. Rinku: Mom's Chronicles: Corn Bread with Deepta and Adi:

Rinku sends us this entry of Corn bread made with the help of her adorable daughter, how cute!
I just love watching kids stir up things.....mind you, food....not trouble!

Look at these adorable pictures!


What a great job done by all! Rest of the Little Chefs roundup coming in the next post!


Linda said...

Wow Trupti!!! What a fantastic round up - I know how much work goes into something like that and you really did a great job! Love all the little characters sprinkled throughout -- and your lovely commentary...
Big hug to you -- thanks for giving our kids a place to shine :)

USHA said...

Wow!Wonderful job ...It really so cute to see littlechef's roundup....the little ones helping their moms ...

Coffee said...

what an amazing round up Trupti!!!!!! I must confess that initially I had my doubts over this idea of yours. :) But looking at the round up I don't know what to say!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing I can think of now is that I want a kid!!!!! LOL LOL LOL

@ said...

LOL at Coffee - my word of advice - borrow one for trial before you have one of your own ;)

Trupti - fantastic lineup, it looks so cute with those apt action cartoons next to each recipe intro. Thanks for thinking up this fun and innovative event!

Sandeepa said...

Lovely Round Up Trupti...and all of them look sooooo cute. Hope to see all these little chefs cook up something again soon

archana said...

Hi Trupti,
What a nice idea to involve kids to help you make a dish!!!So many entries !! I am going to check out each of them :)

roopa said...

Hi Trupti

Wow what a nice event, the roundup looks very cute.
i missed it this time i will try to participate for the next event
my daughter would have loved it too.

Vini K said...

Trupti,great roundup!Little Kodi deserves special applause.Great work Trupti.

Sushma said...

I am now hooked to your website..what a lovely round up...I really appreciate your hardwork behind to read your posts with music playing behind...


indosungod said...

Trupti what a great roundup, wonderful and heart warming appreciation of each participant.

Fantastic! Hats Off!

Asha said...

Absolutely beautiful round up and fabulous pics of kids making goodies Trupti!!Wish I could give you an award myself.In fact,You ARE the best sweet girl!You don't need an award at all:)
Now, if only I could get Arvind's hand in the dish somehow for your other event!..sigh..

Great job.

swapna said...

WOW trupti
this post is really really really wonderfull with all those cutie cute hands!!!!great job done by u!!thanks for doing this !!my daughter is more ecited to see this!!:-))

bee ( said...

that's a roundup that will bring a smile to everyone's face. great job.

nz said...

Well done Trupti !!

Manasi said...

Awww.... kinna sweet hai !!!! wonderful round up! and those wonderful animations! a treat for Kids and Mummy!!

mommyof2 said...

great roundup with animations, trupti:-)

Priya said...

That was a wonderful event Trupti and the round it really cute. I just love the animated gif files too. They look soo apt ! Great job.

Swapna said...

Nice event and an even nicer round-up:-)..I like the pictures in ur banner..

dhanya said...

Ohh Trupti....I really missed out this beautiful event...waiting for part 2, so that my sweetie can share some of her art.. a too good idea!!

Vcuisine said...

Very nice round up Trupti. All will get different ideas to satisfy their kids. Nice idea and great job. Well done. Viji

Sia's corner said...

thumbs up sweetie:)
looking at the entries i guess it will be good idea to start part 2 with all little sweethearts:) i am sure they will be more than willing to participate in this event with their parents:) a very good job done:)

Seema said...

Fantastic roundup Trupti. Loved the way you put up the pictures. They look so adorable- the small little helping hands. Loved it. Waiting for the second roundup.

Jyothsna said...

Thats sooo cute Trupti! Loved the way you've presented the round up. Waiting for Part II.....

Mishmash ! said...

That was a great round up and it was so sweet to see all those sweet lil hands and faces, along with a yummy food :)Way to go !


Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey trupthi,
Reallt these pictures are adorable.Well i would say good job trupti for such a nice theme..really...

shilpa said...

Thats an awesome list trupthi.

btw..I love the paintings on your blog. Do you paint them?

Lakshmik said...

Hi Trupti

Nice roundup. It's amazing to see what little chefs can whip up in our kitchen. Cheers!

Chandrika said...

Trupti, that was a wonderful round up!

Sri said...

Trupti that's loads of kid friendly recipes...good job.

Anonymous said...

Oh Trupti..!!

Iam so sad that I have no kids to join with you guys...hmm...hopefully in another 2 years, i wud be able to participate!!

Mallika said...

Oh my goodness!!! This is so cute. It makes me want to have kids... (and this is very rare).

Great idea for a blogging event that can become a family event. Well done!

vasilisa said...

Wow! These kids are inspiration for all of us... Especially moms of toddlers entering the "terrible twos" :-)

Who knows, maybe in a couple of years they'll be making cooking masterpieces too :-)

Great round up, Trupti!!!

Prema Sundar said...

Lovely Round up Trupti..Enjoyed reading it.Great job and keep it up.
Thanks for trying out my pedas and Iam glad that u liked it.

Anjali said...

Trupti I had one tough time trying to put together a post for this event and I could not finally post it when my borrowed kids decided to bring down hell on me. More about the misadventure later.

Loved all the little chefs showing here, tiny hands some faces. A shower of kisses to all the little chefs.

Is it easier with your own kids? wondering!

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