Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Snowed In....and a Spinach Medley

I had been browsing for a nice recipe with Palak...and I came across Indira's way of making Palak Paneer. This was a different way of making Palak Paneer....why? because there are ground cashew nuts in this recipe that takes it to a whole new level!

I had everything except paneer..and since it was hitting close to supper time...I gave this a go. The only two major differences in my version was that I didn't puree my spinach,and I didn't add paneer. I used the recipe as a guideline, and it was delicious!

Make sure to check out Indira's version of this curry and make it for yourself sometime.

Now for another topic: Monday evening, our City was hammered with a blizzard....and waking up on Tuesday morning, we found this outside our house....Let me share these pictures with you. I helped K clean the snow yesterday..I don't think I have said the word- Damn, in my entire life that I said in the hour and a half that we were outside cleaning. Such is life, I guess....meanwhile, here is what's going on in our neck of the woods...enjoy, and yes, you are welcome to help and shovel. I'll feed you in return!

1.Our driveway as it looked from the window.....the entire road was covered and there was huge snow bank in the middle of the road.
2. The Edge of our Driveway....Look at the size of that Snow wall!
3. Our Driveway after an hour of cleaning......still not finished.
4. The Snowbank in the MIDDLE of the road. Damn.In both sense of the word...
5. Finally, DONE! There is still a lot of snow on the ground, but the City is no longer shut down...I took this picture early in the least the sun is out!

Upcoming Post Preview: Parwal-Batata Curry.
I'll be doing the Little Chefs roundup in the next few days.


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