Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Snowed In....and a Spinach Medley

I had been browsing for a nice recipe with Palak...and I came across Indira's way of making Palak Paneer. This was a different way of making Palak Paneer....why? because there are ground cashew nuts in this recipe that takes it to a whole new level!

I had everything except paneer..and since it was hitting close to supper time...I gave this a go. The only two major differences in my version was that I didn't puree my spinach,and I didn't add paneer. I used the recipe as a guideline, and it was delicious!

Make sure to check out Indira's version of this curry and make it for yourself sometime.

Now for another topic: Monday evening, our City was hammered with a blizzard....and waking up on Tuesday morning, we found this outside our house....Let me share these pictures with you. I helped K clean the snow yesterday..I don't think I have said the word- Damn, in my entire life that I said in the hour and a half that we were outside cleaning. Such is life, I guess....meanwhile, here is what's going on in our neck of the woods...enjoy, and yes, you are welcome to help and shovel. I'll feed you in return!

1.Our driveway as it looked from the window.....the entire road was covered and there was huge snow bank in the middle of the road.
2. The Edge of our Driveway....Look at the size of that Snow wall!
3. Our Driveway after an hour of cleaning......still not finished.
4. The Snowbank in the MIDDLE of the road. Damn.In both sense of the word...
5. Finally, DONE! There is still a lot of snow on the ground, but the City is no longer shut down...I took this picture early in the least the sun is out!

Upcoming Post Preview: Parwal-Batata Curry.
I'll be doing the Little Chefs roundup in the next few days.


mommyof2 said...

I love spinach & snow:-) I could've brought paneer for you there;-)Im telling hubby "lets move to Alaska"lol..

Manasi said...

Wow... lookit ALL that snow! Brrrrr....!!!
The Spinach Medley looks awesome! And the cashews must have made it very rich! Too good!

Asha said...

Oh dear!! I say "daaannngggg"!!:))

Well..we have sunshine and almost 60F here today!HAHA!!I just have to say that to you!:P

Spinach looks wonderful,I like your version of not pureeing,gives a texture and good of scooping too.Cashews always addto the taste.
I love the Nataraja pics up there.

Hema said...

Nice way to prepare spinach. I am feeling cold just looking at the snaps. Where on earth do you live? It is 75 degrees today here in Florida!

Sandeepa said...

But you guys did a good job of clenaing your driveway :) Bet the spinach gave you all the strength

Coffee said...

Anything for a meal from you Trupti ;) and add to that, a chance to be in snow!!!!! WOW!!!!! I m booking a flight from india to canada right now :P

The palak looks great. :)

I have made everyone in my in-laws place a fan of Rahul sharma. :)

TS said...

Mommyof2: haha....hey, you're welcome any time!

Manasi: Oh, I don't want to look at the snow anymore...and yes, the cashews made it rich indeed.

Ashaji: thats not fair! here I am shivering my behind,and you're basking in warmth. I say, "DAMN" ...LOL
Thanks for liking the Nataraj Pic!

Hema: I'm in Canada...yep, I do miss the Tampa weather at times like these....just the weather though! :) I love this place...this is home.

Sandeepa: hahahahha.....yes, it did!

Coffee: su vaat che! badha fan thai gaya em??? hahah.
Chal, kyare aveche? I'll pick you up!

Spicelover said...

Trupti... Spinach looks very good. It looks more like spinach dal in this picture.
Hope the weather's better

Linda said...

Hi Trupti, you guys really got "socked" up there!! We haven't had one decent storm all winter (now I'm asking for it...).

Love love love that spinach!
I make it without paneer alot; keep meaning to add tofu instead sometime.

Hang in there and will be up right away with a shovel just in time for supper ;)

Vidhya Rajesh said...

GOSH! that is such a bad blizzard!!! .... I thought the one we had , about 4-6 inches of snow was the worst.... yours seems to be terribly worse!
I know , clearing the snow off the driveway and off the car is the worst punishment - for you do all this standing in the mind-numbing cold.

swapna said...

Hi trupti
those pictures are beautiful as well as frightening..!!!with that mush snow..!!!!
the spinach medley is looking yummy!!!thanks for sharing.

nz said...

Trupti, the spinach looks yum and Rahul Sharma looks yummier in that album cover ;-) And look at that Indian art pics u post - your blog is a real treat for all three of my senses - eyes, ears and tastebuds.
BTW, the other day I saw one of the tracks from Maya on TV and I thought wow this guy is gorgeous and his music sooooo calming and soothing, no wonder Trupti is his Fan !!!
Thanks for introducing santoor to me - sometimes I just open your page and do my cooking while checking your recipe and listening to the music.
You rock !!!

USHA said...

Hi Trupti,

Spinach medley looks wonderful.Oh my god!you were almost immersed in snow 40%i is really hectic to clean the car in that chill weather...

Vani said...

That spinach looks nice and creamy! ANd cashews must give it such a rich flavour!
All that snow, T! Must've been back breaking work, na? I'm glad I don't live there right now! I've been complaining about the terrible cold that'd engulfed us for past 2 weeks and the icy conditions. But y'day and today it's been in the 40s. Thank God!
Thank you for enquiring about me, dear T! What a sweet friend you are! I've left a post of a response on my blog! Once I started, I went on & on! :)

sushma said...

wow spinach medley looks awesome...I made methi paneer yesterday and it turn out really good..


Vcuisine said...

Nice dish Trupti. What a snow! Viji

Sia's corner said...

if u only had invited "popoye" trupti. just offer him ur yummy spinach dish(he would surely like it better than canned spianch which he keeps gulping;) and hand him the shovel;) he he he...
i like spinach this way than the puree.

Vini K said...

Hey Trupti,that was a great load of snow!we had a snowstorm on the east coast in december 2003 and the sight looked similar to what you have posted.

The spinach curry looks delicious.Much as I like it,I don;t make it that often because of having to puree it.but your version looks good.will give it a try ths time!

Where did you get the nataraja pictures,Trupti?They looks soo nice.perfect in your black background...

Pooja said...

i am enjoying everything abt ur blog, the food the music and the paintings. Talking about paintings is there any online shop I can buy some of the paintings shown in ur blog? Or could you provide a separate link with these paintings so that I can ask someone to recreate it?

Inji Pennu said...

:-) Okay, Will you hit me with a saucepan if I say it is 75 degrees outside here? :-) hehehe..just kidding!

Seema said...

Oh my god that was a whole load of snow. I love palak in this form too. Loved it.

Lotus Reads said...

Oh mi goodness, Trupti, that is quite a blizzard you had there, but I would willingly have helped you shovel for a nice Gujarati meal! :)

I am sure I told you I grew up in a Gujarati neighborhood? Every evening instead eating in my own house I would visit the neighbors and eat rotli, bhaji and dal till I was sated. Only then I would go home. So you can see, I have more than just a mere fondness for your (Gujarati) khana! :)

Sorry this comment didn't have much to do with the Palak Dish - just got carried away with some reminiscing!

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