Thursday, 22 March 2007

Weekend Breakfast Blogging- Breakfast Burrito

The host for this month's Weekend Breakfast Blogging is Sig of the blog
Live to Eat, and the theme she picked has to do with Eggs......

To tell you the truth, I am NOT a fan of the 'incredible,edible Egg'...but my sons and hubby I do end up making eggs for is one such breakfast item - the breakfast burrito. Scrambled eggs seasoned with spices and cheese are wrapped in a burrito and topped off with some more cheese and salsa....sounds good, doesn't it?

Healthy, wholesome, and Yummy....this burrito is packed with protein to start the day off right!
Here is a recipe for one breakfast burrito: Add more ingredients according to your family size and appetite!
  • 2 - Eggs, beaten with a tbsp of milk, black pepper, salt, paprika.
  • 1- burrito - warmed for 12 seconds in the microwave.
  • Cheddar Cheese - shredded finely
  • Salsa sauce - to your taste
  • JalapeƱos to top off the burrito (optional)
  • Non-stick cooking spray-PAM
In a bowl, beat the eggs with the milk, pepper and salt. You can add some chopped jalapeƱos if you would like some heat. Set aside and heat the pan. Spray pan with the Pam, and slowly add the eggs, stirring briskly so that the eggs are cooked evenly. Add a little cheese if you like and mix well.
Meanwhile, warm up the burrito, add some salsa on the bottom, spread a layer on eggs on top, add some cheese and put in the microwave until the cheese melts. I also put some cheese and salsa on top for more flavor....totally up to you. That's it!

Serve hot with some orange juice and a side of fresh fruit for a complete meal! I served this with Valencia Orange juice and fresh nectarines. Here is another look. Enjoy.

Amritsari Chhole and Bhature coming up in the next post with some info. on the different types of Chhole and Chane served in Punjabi homes, many thanks to this Desi Kanya!


Nina said...

Hi trupthi ,
You have the most beautiful blog , and the music is lovely.
Thank you for making a wonderful breakfast too!!
Every Morning I check and see if you have a new post it is a Visual treat to read your blog.

Sig said...

Trupthi, breakfast burrito looks yummy...sounds like a complete meal, and a quick recipe too.

trupti said...

Hi Nina, thanks so much for your kind words...! I really appreciated them.

HI Sig: yep..easy and quick so I can be out the door!

musical said...

Hey Trupti, nice recipe-will make these with paneer bhurji :).

Thanks for the shout-outs :).

Sharmi said...

Hi Trupti, Nice recipe, my Son loves eggs. I think I will make it for him . I usually make Omlettes.
this one is new.

Anonymous said...

Now that looks good, will have to ask my wife to make it. I would have tried to make it myself, but as you know the worldcup is going on, I just cannot do anything till it ends. Will be at the mercy of my wife till then. Thanks for the wonderful wholesome breakfast.


Deepa Hari said...

Hi Trupti,
we usually have scrambled eggs with bread...Breakfast burrito seems different...will try it...

Asha said...

Hi Trupti,good one.My mom doesn't eat non-veg either but she let us cook and clean the dishes afterwards!:D

Mine is similar too ,called Migas!Thanks for this Burritos T.

Sangeeta said...

Hi Trupti,

Absolutely great pics and recipe. This is what we generally have over the weekends. I sometimes add sliced bell pepper and home made fries or hash browns to the burrito :) ... Divine :)

Inji Pennu said...

I dont know whether I come here for the music or the wonderful recipes:)
Can I suggest something? Hope you dont mind. You colours should be alternate for ease of reading on the internet. It is a little hard to read acutally, esp your letters are in bold and even flouroscent I guess? Or if the background is dark, letters should be offwhite or grey or something like that. I am not an expert on any of this, but just telling you. You have such a beautiful blog. Just some tips. Hope you dont mind.:)

trupti said...

Musical..aahh..Paneer Bhurji, what a lovely idea! Don;t forget the Jalapenos!

Sharmi: yes, kids love these...!

Samir: I hope she does make them!!

Deepa: it's a nice change from the usual..try it sometime..

Ashaji:ooh...can't wait to see your version!

Sangeeta: ah yes...I do that sometimes too for K!

Injipennu: I don't mind at ALL..will see what colors work..!

USHA said...

Hey Trupti....Burrito looks great...I will try sure...liked it verymuch..

Seema said...

I loved the idea of serving eggs in bburrito style. Loved the picture too.

just for fun said...

Very nice breakfast burrito, Trupti

archana said...

This is a good breakfast item. Would like to make it for my family. Even I don't like eggs :)
I am looking forward for the chanas :)

archana said...

BTW what is Burrito, is it something like Tortilla?I am not so familiar with Mexican food :)Can I make it at home? Sorry for so many questions :)

Lera said...

Delicious looking egg burritos, you've got there!

Shwetha said...

Hey trupthi,
I recently came around your blog from Mahanandi. I love your recipes. Your blog is indeed beautiful and very helpful. You cant believe I make the same burrito but i roll it up with omlet and put some fresh diced cucumbers and tomatoes inside. I'm Going to try the scambled eggs next time.

Coffee said...

Khari energy che savar savar ma uthi ne atlu badhu banava mate!!!!!

Same pinch on eggs!!!! I can have them only if they are hidden.... somehitng like in cakes and pastries....

Never mind..... eggs kadhi ne banavis. :)

Sri said...

Trupti burrito is looking delicious... wow will be trying it.

Sushma said...

A very Healthy burrito Trupti... I also like to eat eggs in the form of Cake more than boiled or in a sandwitch..

Trupti, you mentioned once on my blog that your husband makes wonderful Italian style asparagus..Could you please cook at your convenience and post that recipe for all of us ...


Lotus Reads said...

What a great idea Trupti! I am always looking for interesting b'fast ideas because if the meal is not appealing the girls will only have a glass of milk to drink and I hate them going to school on just a glass of milk.

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