Thursday, 3 May 2007

Gujarati Series: Amba-Haldar in Brine

How I love pickles.....they sure do brighten up any meal don't they? So many to choose day, its the Gujarati "Chhundo", the other is " Tikha Gundaa".....while sometimes, "Kevdas", "Amba-Haldar" or "Adu-Lasan", "Chana-Methi" or " Limbu" pickles that grace our table....I'll post the homemade versions of some of these pickles all through the summer.

I got some fresh Amba haldar (turmeric) last week....courtesy of Kartik. Here is my way of making this very easy, very healthy pickle.

You will need:
  • 5-6 large pieces of Amba Haldar - the yellow, orange, or the pale kind.
  • 2 pairs of plastic gloves - very important.
  • 1 lemon - cut into pieces
  • Salt, Lemon Juice - to taste
  • Enough Water to cover the cut Haldar.
Soak the haldar in some cold water for a few hours after peeling them. Use gloves!

When ready to cut them, put on another pair of gloves. Chop them into slivers. Set aside.

In a glass jar, add the cut lemon pieces, chopped haldar pieces, enough water to cover the haldar, lemon juice, and salt. Make sure to taste the brine mixture. It shouldn't be too salty or acidic. Cover and Shake the bottle gently. Leave out overnight in a cool place and put in the fridge the next day. In a matter of days, you will have a perfect crunch to the Haldars. Give the bottle a shake every other day for the lemon flavors to come through. Serve with any meal. Enjoy.

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Sandeepa said...

I do this...I blogged the same thing when I posted about Turmeric. But I don't add any water. Is this Haldi some specific variety ?

Anonymous said...

I will have to try this way.
When can we expect the sukadhi post? Looking forward to that one...

Mishmash ! said...

Hmm...something like this one, I came across in Bong Mom's cook book too...I liked that orange and yellow colours in there :)


Asha said...
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Asha said...

OMG!! Do you get fresh Turmeric in there? I should move there T! I really do.
That is one colorful pickle.Delicious.I don't think I can get those here.I enjoy looking at it though.Yum!
Oh,Tushar said he is going to name his kids Gopi(ee) and Shital(l)!;D

Jyothi said...

Hi Trupti, lovely pics of your pickle and karela. Looking grt. Really these are very new to me. Surely i will try. Thanks for sharing.


hi ur blog is superb with good colors...very colorful and inviting....

TheCooker said...

Looks so good!
I saw fresh turmeric at the grocery store last week....should've bought some right away.


Garrett said...

Looks like a good and simple recipe for the summer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Trupti,
I am a regular visitor here though I seldom leave comments. I just love your blog I have tried out a few recipes from here & each one of them turned out grrrrrrrreat. I loved your version of tuvar dal, dhokla, kadhi& broccoli-methi curry(which I just made today).Your recipes are so simple & not very time consuming at all.
I was just wondering where I could find your archives for 2005. I vaguely remember seeing it when I first got drawn towards the world of food-blogging but I don't see it any more.You have more recipes than the ones on this new blog,if I am not mistaken. Do let me know.

nz said...

Never heard or seen a haldar, but I love pickles. But just checked out your karela recipe - we all love karela except Aman and bharwa karela is Govind's favourite. Thanks for the recipe, now I can make it for him !

BTW, love that sari in spotlight !!

Sreelu said...


We call it mamidi allam in telugu, I am craving for it now. Love it
Photo looks great

Roopa said...

wow trupti, i never thought yet of preserving this way. The very first time my hubby was confused it to be mango ginger. do you make pickles with it i never tried before? i only make rasams with it.
thks for the info trupti.

Kajal said...

Hi trupti,
This is our daily side dish in winter days.
Great amba-haldar photo.:)

musical said...

Ekdum hit :) Love it so much.


archana said...

Very colourful pickle. Never tasted it .Fresh haldi is hard to get here. So I will have to be happy by just gazing at your photos

Sia's Corner said...

first i saw this at sandeepa's blog. eating haldi pickle is a distant memory. haven't seen fresh haldi since long time. if i get them by any chance will surely try this and will remember to use hand gloves;)

Anonymous said...

My mother use to Amba haldar often. There is always a jar in the fridge. Great recipe ben...thanks for sharing

Asha said...

Check this site to find this post and many of our posts as well!!They certainly didn't ask me before linking!

Anonymous said...

As a pickle lover I love white variety of Amba Haldar. I used to use the white Amba haldar chopped into very small pieces and put into Dhahi rice that takes in many other ingredients too! Kanchana and her friends my old friend Frank would eat nothing but my Thairun chaatham!

Gujrathi flavour has roots in the milleums. And I like your Amba Haldar in brine. I am going to try it! You have an old man like me as your fan! Keep up the good work.!

A dad

Sheetal said...

I love mixture of Amba Haldar(mango-turmeric root) and Haldar (turmetic root. I can regularly find turmeric root in nearby non-indian stores now but, for the seasonal amba-haldar, I have to venture to Little India in Edison, NJ at the right season. I love amba haldar.

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