Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Monthly Blog Patrolling: Sweets to break my teeth and expand my waistline.....

First, those were the scones I made using Ashaji's recipe.....I made them smaller, left out the dried fruit for the fear of them being thrown back at me by Baby Siddharth, added just a touch of Saffron and Butterscotch chips in the middle. They came out delicious, all were gone in a matter of hours.

Then, I just had to make the blessed "Gajar Ka Halwah" using Manasi's recipe!
I just added my own touch of roasted and grated pistachios and almonds on top, and used an Almond extract for a deliciously, unique flavor. That was gone in 60 seconds.

This is being sent to Coffee's Monthly Blog Patrolling Event.

Thank you, Coffee for helping me put on 7, yes, SEVEN pounds in the last month. I now also have rotten teeth. So, thank you again. Tu anhiyan aav, tari vaat che. ( I'll deal with you when you come to Canada).


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