Wednesday, 27 June 2007

AFAM: Watermelon- Snow Capped Watermelon Peaks

Snow Capped Watermelon Peaks......did you hesitate a moment there? Snow in June, you say? in Newfoundland, yes it is possible.

The 'snow' you see here is a mere concoction of Whipped cream, chocolate and coconut sprinkles served over Watermelon entry to AFAM: Watermelon, hosted this month by my favorite duo, Bee and Jai over at Jugalbandi. Here is another look at this simple yet elegant dessert, a sure crowd pleaser especially with the little ones.....Cut Watermelon into triangles, drizzle whipped cream, chocolate shavings and coconut......serve immediately. I have some nectarines on the side for a different tang. Enjoy the taste of summer...I'll be posting another Watermelon recipe in the coming happens to be my favorite after all.

Logo Courtesy: Jugalbandi


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