Friday, 29 June 2007

Join Me For Breakfast...........WBB#12 Roundup-Part 1

Breakfast- the most important meal of the day, and often the most neglected. Studies I have read in many medical Journals(JAMA) and other health magazines prove that eating a healthy breakfast fuels the body for the rest of the day! How?

Breakfast is the first chance the body has to refuel its glucose levels (blood sugar) after eight to 12 hours without a meal or snack. Glucose is essential for the brain and is the main energy source. Blood glucose also helps fuel the muscles needed for physical activity throughout the day. Breakfast is also essential for those who want to lose or maintain their current weight because it helps curb those "snack attacks" later in the day!

What are some options?? Many.....and this roundup of delicious SPICY recipes proves that you CAN have variety in your breakfast! Gone are the days of bland, tasteless toast and oatmeal! Lets see what's been cooking!

Viji From Viji's Kitchen Sends us this delectable South Indian Breakfast, just have a look at this plate, Wouldn't you want to start your day off with this?
Viji Sends us another about this beautiful looking "Stuffed Braided Challah bread" instead to kick start your day?Nandita makes a spicy Yogurt dip to make those tastebuds dance with could you pass this up!
Lisa from Lisa's Kitchen serves up these Spicy Baked Egg Muffins to be served with some fiery hot sauce and that's hot!
Priya from Live to Cook blog sent an entry for "Sambha-Aval" - poha with ginger,cashews, and chilies tempered with ghee.......a must try recipe for those who like Poha.From Jai of the Jugalbandi's a drink to wake you up! Chai with a twist of Chili, a recipe that should be on every tea-lover's list.Richa would like you to try her healthy Black-eyed Peas burgers for a change.....serve it with some hot chutneys and toast,and your taste buds will thank you!How about having a slice of Archana's Spicy pear and banana Cake?? A little something sweet never hurts! In moderation , of course......The Singing Chef- Arundhati wants your taste buds to sing along while you eat her Mushroom and Capsicum Toast.....a break from the ordinary toast- I am game!Hoa about giving Ramya's Akki Roti & A Cabbage Palya a try? A healthy, filling breakfast indeed!
Grab a couple of those Rawa Dosas that Raji made and it'll have you set until noon!Don't feel bad about having this cupcake for breakfast, Sukanya has them filled with the goodness of Carrots and Spice!Sharmi made these splendid Masala Sandwiches and a Mixed Fruit Custard to tempt your taste buds.....I know I can't pass this spread up!
Lakshmi has made this Potato-Peas Sagu with Chapatis for us early in the morning....roll this into a burrito and you have a meal on the go!Soumya of the Dancing Fountain Blog made a spicy version of Oatmeal......with Buttermilk and Spices, an interesting way to include nutrition and taste in your diet!Robin of "The Clumsy Cook" made these tasty Cereal bars for breakfast......convenient and healthy! I'll grab a couple along with that mug too!Cynthia makes these Baked Eggs look scrumptious! What a way to start the morning with this treat for the eyes and the belly!
The Singing Chef returns to make your mouth happy with this Chutney Spread to kick up the taste of regular bread in the morning!Usha has these delightful Idlis with Thakali Kuzhambu, how could you say no to a plate of this goodness?
Ashaji made a Salsa Uppitu with innovative entry that is sure to please the pickiest eaters!Viji, this time of Malabar Ruchi fried up these soft Idlis to add some crunch to your breakfast....have a look at the "Idli Fry" with spices....Swapna has a Classic on hand here.....Upma! one of my most loved items.....check her recipe out!
Suma whips up this no fuss "Karam Dosa" for a tasty treat from the regular Masala Dosa for breakfast.....Kajal has made a Gujarati Favorite...Dhoklas with Chai, one of most loved Gujju breakfasts....what a treat!
True to her blog name, Sheela whips up these Spicy Corn Griddle Cakes to delight the senses.....what a breakfast to wake up to!Just look at the color of Ramya's hot Chutney to go with her soft Idlis.....this will get you moving- in more ways than one for sure!
Aarti has something totally different for you to try for breakfast....Khekhda Bhaji, Vada Pav and Funke Wafole
All the way from Alaska, Madhu has a special treat- Spiced up Cantaloupe Juice! There is no way I am turning that down..and look at the spicy bread that goes along with it......!

Part 2 of WBB# 12 coming in the next post! Till then, enjoy all these spectacular entries!


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