Monday, 2 July 2007

WBB # 12: Final Breakfast Roundup

Here are the rest of the splendid breakfast entries:

How could I forget Ashaji's other contribution: Idlis with Saagu for the most filling breakfast?? Just look at the color!

Mandira's version of Pohe with can't go wrong when you start your day this healthy!
A steaming bowl of spiced up Couscous is just the remedy for the weekend blahs.....go ahead and try it like Priya did!The Good old standby- the poha.....confort breakfast food at its best....check out Jyothsna's Version along with some memories of Bombay...err....Mumbai.....
Why go anywhere else when you can whip up a fine breakfast such as this Egg Bhurji and Masala Spinach on your own! Delicious for Egg and Spinach Lovers!

Cinnamon, Blueberries and Chocolate Goat Cheese, yes, that is what I said....are ALL what Cara's Waffles are about...this is one breakfast I am NOT going to pass up, bring it on!
Imagine waking up to the smell of Glenna's "Cardamom Toast", What can be better than that????
Manasi's Appey Patra will have you coming back for more! Try this easy recipe using pancake mix!
Grab a couple of these Orange and date bars that Sunita made, and you'll have enough nutrition and energy to take care of your weekend chores!If anyone *can*, its can't go wrong when it is one of her tried and tested sure to bake a batch of these muffins on a weekend! You *can't* go wrong!

Indulge in Nature's Butter- the Avocado, try it like Hema did, in a chutney form to be served with the ever favorite Idlis!

Toss out the store bought jams and spreads and indulge in the homemade goodness of Mathy's Mango Jam!

Borrow SHN's idea to make this Classic for an elegant weekend brunch.....a sure fire way to impress your friends and family!Pintoo's Nutmeg-Sesame Cake is sure to liven up any breakfast or brunch table, drizzle some Maple syrup on top and savor each bite!

You'll certainly be in Masala heaven once you sip Praveen's Spicy Coffee...with Cardamom & Cinnamon!
Sarina's Peppery-Paprika Cornbread will have you reaching for seconds! Try this with a pat of butter and margarine for the ultimate flavor!
Roopa lets us in on the secret of the "Chow Chow Bhaath" and serves up two delicious versions, have a look:
Suganya of Tasty Palettes has just whipped up a batch of these delicious Apple Crunch Muffins...
Coffee send us this Masaledar entry for breakfast- Eggless Masala French Toast! What a treat!
Sheela has the ultimate healthy combo in one....Daal and Paratha....a must try for 'Paratha' lovers......
Cheerios in a "Chaat" form....that's what Ruchi has in mind, this I could have any time of the day, not just B'fast!

How about giving these Chai Masala and Ginger Scones a try?? A Masala tea lover's delight!
Hima has come up with a tasty combination for chutney- Apples and Peanut be served with some Sabudana Dosa, why wouldn't you want to try this??Mamatha would like you to try her Idli with Hiddikbele Saaru for a lovely change to your Idli-Chutney breakfast, and here it is!
Meeta serves up a totally Indian Breakfast with a spicy Egg and Mushroom Roll and a Masala Chai to wash it down with!
Deena made some rava Uttapams, how's that for a totally spicy breakfast?? Serve these with some chutney and you'll be set until lunch!Grilled Idli Sandwiches.....a totally different way of having your favorite idlis- all courtesy of Archana!

Gayatri makes an Upma that is worth waking up early for......with bread! One of my favorites!
Srivalli would like to you taste her Spicy, Peppery bite and it will have you hooked....
Sigma makes things spicy with the classic-Puttu and Kadala Curry,chock full of protein, this meal will energize!Tee's Moong Daal Chiles will have you asking for more..full of flavor and healthy nutrients, this is fit enough for the pickiest eaters in your home.
Laavanya has come up with something new for the plain old bread, have a look at these bread cups with a filling of healthy veggies and cheese....!A spicy breakfast platter awaits you when you visit Aruna.....start your day off with some Pineapple with Pizzaz and Garlic toast.....Madhuli's Nutri-Sandwich is a meal all on its own. Tasty and spicy, this sandwich is sure to please the palate!

Quick to make yet big on flavor,Nupur would like you to try these 'Jhatpat Appeys'...a must for Sooji lovers!
Settle down with some Kashmiri Kehwa and some Moong Daal Chillas on a weekend to totally relax the mind and the stomach.....see how Priyanka does it!
Celebrate a rainy weekend like Arundhati does, by making Venn-Pongal..a meal that is sure enough to warm you up!
Try Padmaja's Spicy Vermicelli Upma with all spice powder to wake your senses and taste buds up!
The Cooker's way of making Parathas in advance will have you out of the kitchen and enjoying these in no time....just see for your self!
Looking to spice up the mundane cup of coffee in the morning?? Try Dee's version of Spiced'll be glad you did!
You'll want more of Elly's Honey-Spiced Scones for sure when you sink your teeth into one...! Have a look!

Thank you ALL for participating, and making this breakfast theme a hit~ I enjoyed each and every entry...if I have missed any of your entries, please let me know and I will fix it as soon as possible. Enjoy the roundup, will see you in the next post with some Lip -Smacking good Punjabi recipes!


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