Sunday, 1 March 2009

Palak Paneer is a good thing......

I had one of my cravings for Paneer sometime ago and I thought about making some of this - Palak Paneer.
I think this is almost everyone's favorite. I love this with chapatis, puris, parathas, name it....there's something about the creamed spinach and the soft paneer that is just amazing!
I like to make this at home, because I find the restaurant versions to be too bland for my here goes, this is my way of making a favorite. All the pros know how to make it, but this is especially for the newbies...!

These measurements are just a guideline, use your own judgement!

You will need:
Fresh Baby Spinach - I used 2 big packets.
1 large red onion - chopped
2-3 cloves of garlic - peeled
1 large knob of ginger - peeled
2-3 hot chilies or fresh jalapenos
3 large juicy fresh tomatoes- chopped
1 tbsp - Oil to saute spinach
1 tbsp Oil - to saute the gravy
1 tsp- Cumin seeds
2-3 dried red chilies
1.5 tbsp - Corn flour dissolved in a little water- enough to make a paste

1tbsp- your favorite garam masala
Salt, Turmeric - to taste
a pinch of sugar - to balance out everything!

Sauteed Paneer Pieces - I saute them in a bit of Oil till they get nicely browned instead of deep frying them. I used a ready made paneer block this time around. Cut them in chunks after immersing them in some water after sauteeing them.

First things first. Wash and drain the spinach. I use baby spinach because I like it much better than the leafy one or the frozen one. Frozen spinach is NOT a good thing in this recipe.

Take a deep pan, heat the one tbsp of oil and add the garlic pieces and dried red chilies. Add the spinach as is. Stir around for a bit and let it wilt. Add a pinch of salt to let it release the natural juices.

While this is wilting, make a paste of the tomatoes, onions, ginger and the green chilies. I just used the blender, its much easier. After you make the paste, heat another deep pan, add the other tbsp of oil. Add the cumin seeds and the paste you just made. Stir really well till it becomes thick.

Now, for the spinach. Add the spinach to the blender and make a coarse paste. It will be cooked already so its easier to do so. Set this aside while the tomato paste cooks.

When the paste looks ready, add the Spinach puree and the corn flour paste, this will help thicken the gravy and keep it together. Add the rest of the seasonings along with the Paneer pieces and let it cook for 5-7 minutes more. Serve hot.

Serving Suggestions: Palak Paneer, Parathas or Pooris, Pulao and Raita.
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nithya at hungrydesi said...

Yum! The paneer looks delicious. Next time we make palak, I"m definitely swapping the chickpeas for paneer.

A_and_N said...

Paneer is anyday, anyway awesome :D

I will do anything for paneer :D

Smitha said...

I love palak paneer too.Btw, I'm a new blogger and I stopped to say" you have an awesome space and it's commendable work. Hats off"
Will definitely follow:)

musical said...

Great minds think alike! Just what i was thinking of making today!!


Miri said...

Made this just yesterday - what a coincidence! This is my favourite too - and unlike the restaurant ones I love to make it without too many spices overpowering the spinach. Your version is similar!

Alka said...

All time fav.,could eat it day in and day out,and i loved it more coz u added shallow fried paneer,coz i dont like the way restaurant ppl serves paneer palak with the KACCHAA paneer
Now just need some caramalized onion rice(bhughe chaawal) with this yummy paneer palak and i will be the most satisfied person on earth :-)

Sandeepa said...

I am not afan of the restaurant version but like it at home

Adlak's tiny world said...

hm... such a delicious dish. i m drooling here..

Chandani said...

yummy!!!haven't made this in a long long time, will have to make it soon:)

Madhavi said...

Oh yummmmmm entry!!!!

Vani said...

Palak paneer looks delicious, T! I add a little bit of half & half coz I like it slightly creamy.

xanindia said...

Another delicious recipe worth the try. Very sumptuous that I can't help but "sigh". Too delicious to just ignore.

veggie belly said...

I love palak paneer. But I always made it with frozen spinach, no wonder it didnt turn out well! I'll be sure to try with fresh baby spinach next time..

Anonymous said...

Though Rich..... Yet Delicious...!!!

Alka said...

Happy Holi dear,do u enjoy colours on this dy??

Priya said...

I LOVE your recipes. I've tried so many of them and had good results, that I couldn't resist trying this one. Except I'm not really a big fan of palak paneer. But never mind, your picture looked so yummy! I have to say it is the best palak paneer I've ever had (I even used homemade paneer), but I still can't love palak paneer ;-)

DK said...

nothing like paneer and spinach to make my day..and the best part is I just had it for dinner...and amazing to note that of all the days, I came in just now to take a peep at ur corner :)

Meenal Mehta said...

Hey Trupti:) remember me..we used to link back to each other in the past..just dropped by to say hello and wish you a Happy Holi:))


Sia said...

sweetie, i too was hit by paneer bug and made malai kofta and paneer-matara paratha in single week ;)
now i am craving for this creamy palak paneer. life, i say! ;)

Meenal Mehta said...


I have a small gift waiting for you
(In my new blog post)

in my New Blog Post... Please do accept it.

Purva Desai said...

Wishing You and ur family Happy Holi...

Palak paneer looks tempting and inviting

Bundle of awards waiting for you, collect it from my blog

Srivalli said...

yum!..looks lovely T

Jude said...

This is my favorite thing to go with indian flatbreads. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

bee said...

it's very green, not grey. just how i love it.

Rumela said...

The palak paneer dish looks Scrumptious. I am sure it will taste as good as the picture. the flavor can be enhanced by adding a spoonful of clarified butter.I know my grandmother will love eating long as he can use his fingers.thank you for your post.

Sonal said...

Just made this recipe tonight - thanks! It was great!

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