Saturday, 28 November 2009

Daily Eats-Methi Puri and Chana Daal....and getting back into shape

I tried something different for supper last week. I made methi pooris, but with whole wheat flour, AND I added yeast to it!! It came out wonderful! I was so pleased, as were K and the kiddos. I think I will make my "bhaturas" this way from now on, not with AP flour, but with whole wheat. Do try it sometime.

Now, I usually don't fry, but I wanted to try it,and am so glad....this is going in my favorite recipe folder!

I also made Chana Daal, and added few slices of zucchini in it at the end to make it a little healthier. I served it with a side of pulao, and it was a wonderful meal to come home to after a LONG day.

I prepped the Methi Poori dough early in the morning so it would rise by supper time. All I did was add a little bit of yeast, some chopped methi leaves, some salt and yogurt to bind into Whole wheat dough. I covered the dough with a warm towel and let the yeast get to work!

I prepared Chana Daal from here, the zucchini were my own addition instead of the capsicum. The pulao was basic, made with some mixed veggies from the freezer and ghee.

Now. another topic, I am slowly getting back into my exercise routine after a gap of a couple of months...I am doing more Yoga and drinking my herbal ayurvedic teas each day to keep my digestive "agni" stoked. If you're wondering what that tea is, its nothing more than some ginger powder, cumin powder, fennel powder simmered in some hot water, I add some lemon at times, along with honey. I drink this each day to keep my metabolism strong, and its worked for me. I realllllllly need to work a bit harder though, I am thinking about running on the treadmill again, wish me luck!


Red Chillies said...

Adding yeast to puri seems like a good idea. I agree nothing like pulav, daal and poori/roti after a long day.

Manasi said...

the Methi poori looks fab. I happen to have frozen methi at home!!!
I have recently fallen in love with channa daal and make it often, so much better than Toor, which gives me acidity.
I will try ur tea, I need something like that. Thanks.
GOOD LUCK with ur exercise plans!

Madhu said...

Love everthing on that plate, makes wholesome meal.

Sonia said...

I was also kept wondering to add yeast in puri/bhatura dough. But now someone (you) has tried and tasted.:) I love chana dal with doodhi...makes it on Thursdays.
Good luck for exercise! You look beautiful in ur profile pic. :)

Pavani said...

Methi puris look delicious. Will try these soon. Comfort meal at the end of a tiring day.

Rekha shoban said...

Methi poori looks gud...nice combo.

Srivalli said...

That plate looks so wholesome Trupti...and good to know that you are back in shape..will have to try that tea sometime..btw do you add tea leaves to it?

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