Monday, 23 November 2009

Quick Eats- Potato Masala Sandwich

I loved these sandwiches as a kid! I remember my mom making me these delicious sandwiches on nights when it would be just me, my brother and her....if my dad was traveling overseas or elsewhere on business, I would beg her to make something else for dinner than the usual Indian fare....and she would-because that's what moms do.

These are SO easy, you can also have your kids help you make's what you need to make these.


For the Masala Potatoes:

4 boiled potatoes,Ginger-Chili Paste,salt to taste,1 tsp garam masala, 1tsp Aamchoor powder,
1 tbsp finely chopped green coriander leaves/cilantro, 1 onion- chopped finely
1 tbsp oil
1 tsp cumin seeds

mash the potatoes. In a pan, heat the oil, add the cumin and let it sizzle. Add the ginger-chili paste, and the onions along with the coriander leaves. Cook for a couple of minutes, and add the potatoes. Add the rest of the seasonings and stir well. Let it cool and set aside.

Green Chutney:

1 cup Coriander/Cilantro leaves
1-2 green chilies
1 inch piece ginger
1 tsp- cumin seeds
Salt, sugar, lemon juice to taste

Blend all the ingredients and form a paste.

To assemble:

You will need bread slices, butter/margarine to taste

On a piece of bread, spread some chutney on one side, add the cooled potato masala, and place another piece of bread on top. Spread some butter/margarine on both sides and grill till well done! Serve hot with more chutney and ketchup and a hot cuppa tea!

Simple, isn't it??? Now go and make some! :)

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musical said...

What a picture, Trupti! Seriouysly, i feel like hogging these aloo masala sandwiches! YUMMY!

Raje said...

Lovely sandwiches! First time here. Do checkout my blog when you have a chance.

Sonia said...

Alltime fav! last Sunday j me aa sandwich banavi hati. :)

Rekha shoban said...

it looks delicious and nice click dear

Rohini said...

Wow yum yum sandwiches..After tasting the bland ones we get here, I was tired..But your sandwich looks Indian-ized and am sure gonna love it!
Thanks for dropping by, you have a great space too!! Will be bck often :)

Malar Gandhi said...

Wow, looks so perfect, awesome click...very tempting infact:)

Manasi said...

Oh SO tasty!the picture is worth a thousand drools! heheh! ! I make these often, just not as precise as urs.
Sometimes I just plump two slices of bread with filing left over from Aloo Paratha fling or something like that and enjoy it for a solitary lunch.

Aruna Manikandan said...

First time here.....
Potato Masala Sandwich looks yummy!!!
Lovely picture...

Do check my space when u find time

with luv,

shayma said...

this looks scrumptious- we have smthg similar in pakistan which we call a 'flying saucer', you put the potatoes between two pieces of bread and put it in the contraption that looks like a flying saucer, and place it above the flame. out comes a sandwich (like the ones that comes out of sandwich makers). i love your photo of this. best wishes, shayma

Karine said...

That is an original recipe! It looks delicious :)

Aparna said...

Hi Trupti, This sandwich is just perfect! I will try it out soon.
First time to your blog and I love it!

hintofsaffron said...

The sandwich looks tasty especially with the green chutney! Will try it out.

The Purple Foodie said...

Looks so delicious!

Jagruti said...

Hi Trupti
So many time i have visited on your blog, never left any comments but this time after looking at the recipe of bajra vada i couldn't stop myself using my fingers to write.

vada bahuj saras dekhay che!!!!!!!!!!!

Jagruti said...

Sorry made a mistake, this post should go to vada recipe

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