Sunday, 31 January 2010

Headaches and Ayurveda.....

My headaches have been with me ever since I was a little kid, and they have bothered me tremendously....I have had several tests done, but not much has come out of it. I have had to endure these headaches/migraines and have tolerated them so far..... but I'll never accept them.

Ayurveda plays a big role in my life, I drink herbal teas each day, practice Kapalbhati, and do Yoga poses, or at least try to!
Instead of starting another blog, I am going to document some remedies and food diary here...I tried to run two blogs at once, and its been too much. Several readers who used to follow my other blog have asked me to resume, and so here I am. I hope I can be of some help to those readers who are in the same boat.

I have had a BAD headache all day today, and finally, I decided to tackle it by looking up some Ayurvedic remedies. I massaged my head with some coconut oil in my hair, and my temples. Though the smell of the warm oil made it feel a tad worse, the massage really helped. I am also going to make myself some caffeine free herbal tea with hot water, ginger, tripahala, and ajwain along with some cinnamon. Hopefully this will help.

I checked my blood pressure, it was 115/85 at 500pm.

Today's meal included:

Breakfast: Masala Chai
Lunch: Cereal Chewda and some juice
Dinner: Chana daal and some rice

I wasn't in the mood to eat anything because of the head pain.....maybe tomorrow I can make myself a decent breakfast. I know sometimes, this can be a part of the problem when you don't eat enough, but I tend to feel nauseous so I'd rather not eat when I have a headache.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

Ayurveda Migraine remedy- Smita Naram (Gujarati)

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