Thursday, 4 March 2010

Winter in our neck of the woods and a Green Goddess Smoothie

This is pretty much what my neighborhood has been looking like lately. I do enjoy winter, you know...its the perfect time to reevaluate everything from the seasons past and make new resolutions, improvements and such for Spring renewal.....I do this each winter. I really get a chance to relax more in the winter than the summer...because we're not out and about *that*much. Do you enjoy the winter, or would you rather not deal with it at all??

I apologize for not posting last week, everyone in the family was down with cold like symptoms....and when one gets sick....EVERYONE gets it.
My headaches have been ok.....not too many in the last week, but yeah I had a usual. I am being so careful, but I still don't know what has been causing them. I am seriously considering eliminating dairy products by at least 50%, so that means NO more cold fruit yogurts and hard cheeses on a regular basis. Though I doubt I can cut out my morning masala chai..,NOT happening!
On a positive note, I have switched to Green tea now....YAY! I am no longer ordering coffees from the local drive thrus now....its Green Tea! Lets see if that helps.

I also cleaned out a whole bunch of stuff from the house last week....I got rid of OLD plants, and some junk and de-cluttered the house. I felt so good about a way, these old things were holding on to some "negative" energy from last year so I got rid of it...I am planning to get some new things for the upcoming Spring now and reinforce positive vibes once again in my little home. Yes, I am really into "Feng-Shui" too.

Today, I have a great smoothie recipe for you all, and especially for women. Its called the "Green Goddess".

This is SO healthy, it consists of mainly green fruits and veggies and so the name. Try it for a healthy breakfast or a snack and you will be glad you did!

You will need:
1 small frozen banana, 1 small kiwi,  a handful of spinach or kale, 1 small avocado- chopped (optional), a few slices of ginger, and some almond milk or fruit yogurt ( I omitted the yogurt).

You can also add: blueberries, strawberries and other soft fruits for a nice flavor.

Blend all the ingredients into a smoothie and enjoy it fresh...don't wait to drink it though, it tastes a little "off" when consumed later on....just speaking from experience.
Regarding comments, a bunch of readers have emailed me asking my why I no longer have the comments section open. The reason is that I really don't have time to respond to each and every comment that someone posts, and I feel quite bad about it, so this way, if someone has a specific question, they can email me and I can write to them on a more personal level. I hope you all understand!
Till next time, Take care!

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