Friday, 5 March 2010

Colds, Coughs and Fevers Oh My............

This cold and flu season had certainly caught us in its grip, and we are still dealing with these's been like that for the past little while. Its getting better though! None of the over the counter medicines were doing any good to us so I decided to go with the `gharelu`or home remedies, and they work!

In case you're dealing with such nasty symptoms, here's some help:

Use honey! Honey mixed with dry ginger powder, black pepper and lemon juice is a wonderful and a natural "cough" syrup, without any side effects.

Warm milk mixed with turmeric is a sure fire cure to keep the coughing spells down.

Avoid cold foods, and sip hot water or warm liquids frequently, some suggestions are hot lemon tea, green teas, honey-ginger tea or plain hot water with some lemon and honey. This will keep the nasal passages clear and thin out the mucus.

Be well! Talk to you all soon.I`ll be back with a post and more updates!

Pic courtesy: Jan etching

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