Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring is officially here.....not so much in our neck of the woods but its coming! That in itself is something to look forward to. I neglected this blog yet again- but with good reason! My computer crashed and I lost four months of business data which I had to re-enter....and that up a LOT of my sweet time. I've managed to get through that fiasco but the trouble is that I will have to catch up with the new year. FML.

I've been pretty good about eating healthy. I have also been going to the gym but not as much as I would like to. I made it there yesterday because the chipmunks are out of school for Easter holidays. Plan is to go again today after work, for atleast 40-45 minutes!

Other than that, things are good....I am keeping myself busy and am really looking forward to Summer. I am also working on decorating my house - Tuscan Style. I will do a post on that too as I go along. So far the house has already been painted in Earthy, Warm Tuscan colors. I have my office that I am currently working on now which has been painted a nice olive green color. SO much to do and I do not have the time to do it. I'd say this home project will take me all summer. If I have any readers left, I hope you're all well! Thank you for always supporting the blog.

Be good to yourselves,

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techie2mom said...

Hey Trupti, i like your recipes...
Wow a tuscan style home!! sounds fun...

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