Friday, 19 January 2007

Little Chefs In the Kitchen Event Details

Thank you ALL so much for your positive feedback on this event. This is going to be a fun way to get your kids, nephews, nieces, etc... involved in the kitchen. Those of you who don't have kids-yet, no worries! Get hubbies to help! ( you know who you are!)

Here are the guidelines:

-Make something that is easy for the kids to help you restrictions at all, it could be anything- drink, dessert, main dish, snack, its up to you.
- Take a picture that shows little hands, arms, get the drift , no faces (for privacy reasons) helping you make the recipe.
- If your kids are too young or you don't have any, just submit a recipe that is "kid-friendly". Fair enough?
-Attach a picture, a perma-link of the recipe, initials of the Little Chef and mail it to:

The Deadline is : February 20th, 2007

Have Fun!- that is the most important guideline of all!

Any questions, comments, email me directly.


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