Sunday, 10 February 2013

Back after a long spell....

It has been such a long time since I ventured back into this space. I have been meaning to do so for many weeks now. Just a quick update, I will try to post regularly on here because I have missed it so much! What has been happening? SO much! I am now officially a single mom, and won't get into that into too much detail. I am happy though. My kids are doing well and are getting older and bigger each day- I am thankful for the support of my family and friends. I am going to the gym regularly!! I joined the gym in December 2012 and am still going, I am quite proud of myself!  :) I had braces for the past 2 years and they are OFF!!! yay!
I hope to post on here each day. I am busy as ever, even more than before but will make an attempt at least.
I have noticed that I am getting some food allergies lately. Certain foods are causing some strange reactions and I haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what food(s) could be causing it. I hope I can make a food diary again and maybe help whoever is going through the same thing.

Today is Sunday, and plans are to go into work for a bit and then to the gym for at least 45 minutes if not an hour. I have been doing the treadmill and the elliptical. I also add some spurts of running on the treadmill and it feels just great. Diet has been pretty great lately except for certain days when I have heavy food and I literally feel like I have a ton of bricks in my belly. Not a good feeling. So far this morning, all I have had is some Indian Masala Chai. Even that feels heavy in my stomach. I really hope I am not lactose intolerant as well. I hope to figure it out and I also hope that you will join me here for support in my goal to get fit and healthy. :)

Update of today's meals:
Breakfast- Masala Chai
Morning snack- Tim Horton's small coffee
Lunch- Quesadilla with grilled sweet potatoes
Supper- Amy's frozen palak paneer and rice. Only me tonite for dinner, kids are away at a hockey game.

Workout: 35 minutes at treadmill. :)
All in all, a good day.

Be good to yourselves,


Manasi said...

I am so glad you are back!

You have had a tough time, but I can see that you are strong- God Bless.

I would like it if you share your food diary. For all my 'grand plans' I am forever on a down slide where my goals regarding fitness are concerned. Some motivation is always welcome.

Creativecook said...

Welcome Back, would love to see your posts!

Chhaya said...

Great to see you back..hope to see more yummy does throw curve balls at us, doesnt it ?
But looks like you are handling it well..all the best for this new phase in your life!
Keep smiling :)

Pavani said...

Good to see you back. Looking forward to your posts. Good luck with everything.

Anonymous said...

glad you're back!

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