Monday, 11 February 2013

Monday February 11th 2013

Hello!! Hows the winter so far for you all?it is seriously cold in my town and I'm just trying my best to stay warm. hot teas and coffees help. :) I had a busy day at work but here is a quick breakdown of today's meals:

Breakfast: coffee with nonfat creamer

No snack today, too busy!

Lunch: green giants garlic pasta with broccoli, carrots and corn.

Tea time: fresh baked chocolate chip cookies :( ugh I could not resist!☕

Dinner: a spoonful of moong daal khichdi and potato peas curry.

I feel okay today, no reaction to the pasta as I had expected. I also drank some hot water to keep the belly running smooth and i think it may have helped. Next post, ill take pictures because I found the blogger app on my iPhone, yay!! No exercise today unless you count my busy day at work or busy cleaning day at home, haha. Talk to you guys soon.

Be good to yourselves,

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Manasi said...

A spoonful of khichadi? seriously?
You are making me guilty, I am finishing a slice of banana walnut cake slice :(

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